Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oddest Gym Moments Contest

Ok, so I don't even know if there IS such a contest, but if there was, THIS is clearly the winner by a longshot!

Winning Entry:
Today I was on the elliptical machine (breathing as if my heart rate was 140 BPM) and suddenly tasted nail polish. This lady, three machines down from me, was painting her nails while she was on the machine! I HAD to ask her to stop because I just couldn't breath. Believe it or not, she was very apologetic. SHE HONESTLY DIDN'T REALIZE!!! Are you kidding me?? How stupid can you be?

If I wasn't bobbing up and down on my machine (choking), I would have taken a picture. It would have won Best 365Photo! (No contest there either, but I'm feeling particularly competitive today.)

Other odd gym moments?

  • This one happens more than I prefer so it's more like a pet-peeve! I'm on the elliptical and there are at least 6 open machines on each side of me. Along comes Mr. Drippingwetwithsweatasifhejustgotoutofaswimmingpool and takes the machine right next to me! Isn't there some type of unwritten "rule" about that? I hear there is something like that for the men's restroom.

  • I've seen women working out in full make-up, hair flowing all over the place and rings, earrings and other (ah-hem) jewelry. Well, sometimes you can see things, you know.

  • Men working out in very short, loose shorts. 'nuff said!

We've all seen odd things at our gyms. Got any pet-peeves? Get 'em out here. I feel better already! Thanks for listening. :)


Anonymous said...

My oddest gym moment was 'odd' in a 'Twilight Zone' kind of way... I was running late, grabbed a magazine for the treadmill, started walking as I opened the magazine. It opened on the horoscope page so, of course, I couldn't resist...My sign, Virgo had the strangest entry, 'Make a wish at 11:00am on [date]' (I can't remember the exact time or date) I realised it was that day's date, looked at the time just as as it clicked over to the exact time in the horoscope! Of course I made a wish. I had never seen a horoscope entry like it before. It was kind of eerie...

Anonymous said...

It was a great story to share..I love it..and also to the 1st commenter It happened to me too:)..but I acted as nothing happens..and the worst is..I fell down in the stairs..GOSHHHH!!!

loonyhiker said...

Eww! I'm so grossed out on so many levels here. How about the ones who are dressed in fancy outfits that there is no way they could actually exercise in them? And what about the ones who don't wipe down where their hands were?

Anonymous said...

This is not a gym comment - more of an "our tax dollars at work" comment.
Who's the last person you expect to plow into your car? OK, ONE of the last people! A CIA trainee doing her nails while she was driving! Yep, it happened in a Virginia town close to Camp Peary and I just loved it when the police officer looked at her flip-flops, toe separators and wet polish and said, "No, I'm not called Col. So-and-so, and I DO need to see your insurance!" Govt. insurance eventually paid for the damage. Oh, and it was 22 degrees that night.

Lee Kolbert said...

Oh, that IS too funny!