Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meeting Of The Minds Meme

How exciting that I was tagged by Jen Wagner for this most interesting meme. The original concept by Ryan Bretag was this:

What 10 people would you want President Obama and Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan to engage with in a Meeting of the Minds focusing on the state of education, a vision for education and education reform?

Ponder your vision for education and what people you would want before doing the following

  1. Write a blog post that lists your 10 people
  2. Optional: Explain why you selected each person
  3. Tag at least 5 bloggers of interest
  4. Optional: Link back to this blog
If you read Jen's response, you'll see that she bent the rules a little bit. So, I'm going to follow her lead and bend them a little bit more. You see, we all know someone who WILL be there at that roundtable discussion. Our very own Twitter/Plurk/Blogger and multiple award winning, Carol Broos.

Carol has invited all of us to have a say and (virtually) attend with her. She created a wiki to to help facilitate this. So, I encourage you to do one or both of these:

1. continue this meme AND add Carol's wiki to your blogpost
2. add your suggestions to Carol's wiki

Listed below are just a few people who have done a great job of keeping my attention lately. All are brilliant in their own right and have students in the forefront of their minds with every step they take. Though diverse and frequently don't agree, this list has folks who insist on seeing the "beef." Having them all in the same room, might even be downright uncomfortable, but good conversation and solutions would surely emerge.

They aren't satisfied with lots of rhetoric but insist on seeing the action steps. Their educational vision and ability to articulate can be tremendously influential and the fact that they're not afraid to ask the hard questions makes them perfect for being tagged here. Some I've seen present, read their blogs, spoken to in person, or even on Twitter and some I'm just now getting to know in my online PLN and can already see the direction their edu-love flows. For now I'd like to hear all of their voices as they address those who can really affect change.

  1. Karl Fisch
  2. Matthew K. Tabor
  3. Gary Stager
  4. Wes Fryer
  5. Steve Dembo
  6. Jeff Utecht
  7. Daniel Pink
  8. Dan Meyer
  9. Sheryl Nussbaum Beach
  10. Graham Wegner
  • YOU


cliotech said...

I tagged you for the "7 Things Meme"

Anonymous said...

Honored to be included, of course.