Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bill Nye; The Keynote Guy

Bill Nye gave the opening keynote at this year's FETC. Other than his few comments on global warming and other references to his (obviously liberal) political views, he was quite engaging. I found it fascinating that he is so well respected in the scientific community. I thought he was just a fun and goofy science teacher. Did you know that unitedstreaming has many Bill Nye science videos?


Anonymous said...

Bill Nye is not universally respected in the scientific community. We just put up with him because he's the only way of getting our message out, even if it's often garbled. He makes a fortune doing these speeches and please remember this is a self-serving activity
Many of us think it's just a travesty of science. Between Pluto, intelligent design, and his weird approach to global warming, he's got people wondering if scientists have any brains at all.

Lee Kolbert said...

That's very interesting. I guess I assumed he was well-respected because he said so in his speech! Thank you for your comment. Just a question for you... what is the science community's biggest challenge in getting students interested in science?

Mark Hall said...

Respected in the scientific community or not I agree with you that his speech was engaging. I told you that I check in on your blog occasionally, I just never had added any comments before.

Lee Kolbert said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for stopping by! Now that you've commented, I feel like my blog has finally "arrived!"