Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creative Commons Group for VoiceThread

File this under, "I love This!"

I was on Twitter and saw a tweet from Wes Fryer alerting me to a new Flickr group created by Karen Montgomery. I love Flickr's group feature and I love VoiceThread so kudos to Karen for having the brilliant idea of putting them together. It's always a challenge finding content that is copyright friendly and Karen has given us a solution.

You can already choose to import directly from Flickr in VT, however at the moment, you can't import from a set that's not your own. You'll have to grab the link in Flickr then use the URL button in VT to import it.

About Creative Commons Licensed Photos for VoiceThread

Do you have animal photos, flower photos, photos of your hometown, exotic places you've visited or everyday objects that educators and students might love to share, remix and reuse? Submit your Creative Commons licensed, "Some Rights Reserved" photos to this group to help create a resource for students and educators using VoiceThread. Photos of any topic are welcome as long as they are G-rated and appropriate for all ages.

Check it out here!


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting. I missed the tweet and have a bunch of photos that I just shared. This will be a great resource!

Ed Tech Diva said...

I believe that there are a number of websites out there that already have this sort of set-up. The first that comes to mind is the Pics4learning website.

Hmmmmm, I feel a post coming on...gotta run.

maryellen said...

I'm sorry but I can't seem to upload to voicethread using your directions to get the URL. I keep getting the message "Text and HTML files are not supported". Do you have any suggestions. I went to the creative commons flickr group for voicethread and tried to upload one of the photos. Any help would be appreciated.
Mary Ellen Lynch

Lee Kolbert said...

Make sure you right-click on the image to grab the image location. Don't grab the URL in the browser window. See if that works.

The URL should look like this:

Not this:


maryellen said...

Thanks, Lee. That worked. Yeah!!!!I have a Mac and and don't use a mouse but did have a wireless mouse- so got that out. I know I can right click with my mac but don't remember which keys to hit. Well thanks so much for this information and the link to the flickr group.
Mary Ellen