Monday, February 18, 2008

From Twitter to in One Easy Comment!


I know I've been blogging a lot about Twitter lately. But, the network that has been embracing me has been amazing. What an accepting and generous group of people. I've been learning so much about Web 2.0 tools, giving presentations, teaching in different parts of the country under varying circumstances, and lots more. I'm finding that there are lots of people out there with very similar interests who are willing to help out total strangers. Frequently, a tweet will come through with a request for some tweets at a particular time. The request typically comes from someone who is giving a presentation and wants to show how the real time shot-in-the-dark kind of conversations that Twitter offers can be very productive.

Well, in an effort to share our resources even further, I put out a Tweet to request that anyone in our "network" who has a account and is willing to share their "name," to please send it my way and I will compile the list. This way, we can add each other to our networks. One of the drawbacks of all these social networking sites, is the separate interfaces, usernames and such. We are all hoping for the ultimate Mashup of social networking one day.

I'm very excited to get this ball rolling and even more excited to explore all the great bookmarks that our friends, with similar interests in education are sharing. If you would like to be included, just post a comment here with your "name" and I will add you to our network. Then, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to (sign up for an account if you don't have one already)
  2. Click on Your Network (top left)
  3. On the right-hand side, in the text box, type in Twitter_EdTech
  4. Click ADD
  5. Now Twitter_EdTech will appear in your network beneath in blue
  6. Click on Twitter_EdTech
  7. You are now in Twitter_EdTech's bookmarks, but there are none... BUT WAIT
  8. In the gray box at the top, it reads:

    All Twitter_EdTech's items (0)
    Twitter_EdTech is in your network, view Twitter_EdTech's network

  9. Click on VIEW Twitter_EdTech's Network
That's where the magic happens. There you see all the bookmarks shared by everyone in the network, which can be a little messy OR you can look over at the right. There you can click on each member's name and look at his/her individual bookmarks. You can even add each member to your own network. As more members join this Twitter_EdTech network, you'll see them added.

For now, you will see these people have put themselves out there and offered to share their great finds that they have already posted to their accounts:

  • TeachaKidd (that's me)
  • zemote
  • lisashusband
  • brightideasguru
  • pelgin
  • cnansen
  • mpsteachers
  • mino_public_schools
  • idahomitchell
Leave a comment here with your name and you'll be good to go, too.


Anonymous said...

My name is zemote :)


Doug said...

My account name is dougpete. Thanks for taking the initiative on this project. It will be interesting to see it evolve.

Anonymous said...

My name is brachsmith...what a great idea! Thanks for thinking of it AND putting it into action. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the appreciation that I have for my twitter network! So, thank you also for being a part of my twitter network!

Lee Kolbert said...

You both have been added! Thank you so much for participating. The list is growing and I find myself lost for hours browsing through all the rich resources shared by our Tweet Peeps.

There's 15 of us in the network so far. Hopefully we'll be able to grow it more! Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

digimom on!

kwillsonyshs said...

Kevin Willson, K-12 Technology Integrator for the York Suburban School District, in York, PA. My name is kwillsonyshs

Karl Fisch said...

I'm kfisch on

Anonymous said...

Please add me to the network my name is- cwoolwine

Wm Chamberlain said...

My name is wmchamberlain.

Anonymous said...

I added Twitter_EdTech to my network at ccassinelli.

Another thing that you can do is when you tag a bookmark, you can add "for:Twitter_EdTech" as a TAG and that bookmark will automatically show up in Twitter_EdTech's bookmarks for them to save.

Note: I visited your site because of a post you made in Classroom 2.0!!!

Unknown said...

Great idea! I added Twitter_EdTech to my network and would love to be added to yours. My name is techchick94. Love my Tweet Peeps!

Charlene Chausis said...

Count me in! I'm cchausis on delicious, twitter, etc.

Unknown said...

My account is losikinfotech .

Beth Pollock Burke said...

Very cool project! I am pollockburke on

Anonymous said...

cruiseranne on

Unknown said...

I joined the Twitter Ed Tech group when you first mentioned it on your blog. Such a fabulous idea! Thanks for doing this. I'm shown on the group as ctkmcmillan. Can't seem to figure out how to change it to McTeach without deleting the account and starting all over!

Thanks again!

Lee Kolbert said...

Hi Karen,
I don't think you can change your primary account name in but I see that you used McTeach in your other name "by..." That's where I've also put in my other aliases. I created the Twitter_EdTech account and used "by..." to label with my name, but the account with my bookmarks is TeachaKidd aka Geekymomma by Lee Kolbert aka TeachaKidd. It's crazy.

cliotech said...

My account is cliotech


Paul said...

my name is springnet

on twitter I'm also springnet

Great idea, I'm going to start one for sxsw at

so if you dig sxsw add your name to the network

heasulli said...

Great Idea! Thanks for the initiative!

My name is: heasulli

Karen said...

My name is karenbklores


Anonymous said...

My name is michellerussell

Mike Arsenault said...

My account name is marsenault. Thanks for setting this up. Great idea!

joegerstandt said...

Deeeelightful, thanks! My name on is omahajoe
joegerstandt on Twitter

Anonymous said...

My is telomiova
the same for twitter

Great idea!

turtleman810 said...

My name on is "estrommer". I know, not very original. Thanks for inviting us with you.

Diana Kenney said... name is dkenney1963...can you guess my age? Yikes!

TeachMeMoreTech said...

Thanks for the connection!

twitter = wsigele = wasigele


Lee Kolbert said...

@Diana - Well, mine would be 1962 but I'm only 30, so that would make you 29, right?

Maurice Draggon said...

My delicious id is: g0097. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice thought! The most challenging part of using social networking tools is making all your connections converge. I am milobo on both twitter and

Jackie said...

Hello, my name is rsca many thanks. jackie

TJ Shay said...

My Twitter name is the same as my name tjshay

Anonymous said...

I'm Kalei99 on

Steve Eisenberg said...

Steve Eisenberg
My name is Steve8004

Twitter is: steve8004


Linkedin: Profile:


Dan Callahan said...

dancallahan on twitter and delicious

wsh1266 said...

This is awesome- SO glad to have found you through Twitter!

My name on is whitneyhoffman; I run the LD Podcast and tutor in middle school; I have also run a bunch of podcamps, so my links are new media, learning, learning disabilities and education focused for the most part.

Whitney Hoffman
The LD Podcast

Diana Kenney said...

Hello my name is dmkenney. Great idea...plan on doing something like this within our district. :)

Wendy DG said...

Great mashup! My account is WendyDG.

Thanks a bunch.

Maureen Tumenas said...

I think I had already added it, at least that's what it told me... my twitter name is bcdtech, delicious name is mtumenas

nycrican2 said...

My delicious name is nycrican2. I just found the network and joined. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

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日月神教-向左使 said...
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