Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Do You Use Twitter?



I use Twitter to learn from honest, hard-working professionals like @teachakidd.



Twitter is a valuable PLN. I'm ultimately looking for resources more than communication there.


I use Twitter to find ideas, images, research, news... I love it for the serendipity and the amazing generosity of the people I am lucky enough to know in this "place" online.
PS Lee, I meant to comment on yr recent blog re privacy and safety with regards to information about conference-going. I think you're absolutely right. We teach our students that there is no privacy and they should behave accordingly and then some of us forget and post info about when we'll be out of town and our houses empty, which hotels we're in, etc.
It was an important reminder - thanks.


Twitter is an amazing communication and learning tool...I liken it to reading and sharing newspaper headlines on topics that are most relevant to me and others with similar interests 24/7...and ultimately a gateway to an amazing amount of valuable information.

Anonymous said...

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Have a great day!