Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What's Your Guilty Pleasures?

I love being back in the classroom. I love being able to talk with and get to know my students and planning lessons and enjoying watching them learn. It's no surprise though that this is my first blogpost since school started. I've not posted here for a few reasons. First, I've concentrated my blogging energy over at my lately. I'm very happy with the way it's developing. I've received wonderfully positive feedback from my students and their parents and I invite you to follow my class blog as well as this one. Secondly, I'm just exhausted!

So as I tiredly sit here, there's nothing better than giving in to some Guilty Pleasures. Right now, I'm enjoying some Oreo's Double Stuff (eating them from the inside out, of course). I thought it would be good to share our Guilty Pleasures, after all you can never have too many, right? Here's a few of my mine:
  • Watching General Hospital (Tivo'd - a week's worth at a time)
  • Eating pickled mushrooms and greek olives
  • Reading magazines like People, Fitness and Soap Opera Digest
  • Twittering until 2:00am
  • Watching Dancing With the Stars
  • Eating caramel sauce (are you supposed to put it on something?)
  • Taking a nap only 2 hours after I wake up
  • Going to bed at 7pm
  • Buying a new purse when my old one is perfectly fine
What are your Guilty Pleasures?



My confessions...
Watching trashy, mindless t.v. (reality shows)
cookies...just about any kind :)


What would life be without guilty pleasures? :)

Mine are chocolate, napping whenever (2 hrs after waking up is perfectly acceptable!), shopping, a.k.a retail therapy, Twitter and watching Martha.

Andrea Blanco said...

Like Sue, I too love reality TV shows. Currently it's Big Brother which is fortunately (unfortunately?) on three times a week. Also, Facebook has become a recent addiction. And you can't forget staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading just about anything!


1. Apple Fritters and donuts.
2. Good local, organic Root Beer soda pop.
3. Dill Pickle potato chips.


Any snacks after school but really a pleasure when you think about it first all the way home. NCIS marathons, Dancing with the Stars, Gray's Anatomy, watching chick flicks. My little dog cuddles with me during TV watching.


Okay - The Guilty Pleasures CD series is definitely one (well two because it's two separate CDs); I would say watching 'Coronation Street', but I don't feel guilty about it; drinking coke is though (it's apparently not that good for me); so is blogging (I spend too much time on it); and it used to be potato chips before the guilt got to me.


Hi Lee----
So glad to know you are having a great year! I have a few guilty pleasures to add to the list.

Expensive chocolate, watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and long bubble baths.

@rmbyrne....we will have to track down a great bakery in Denver so you can indulge at ISTE10!


Mmmm...guilty pleasures! Mine are Tangerine posicles, chocolate and cheesy dip and chips : ) And love an afternoon of geeking out on the computer: twittering, blogging, screencasting. Or holing up in the office/studio to craft and make art.