Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do You Vocaroo?

Checking out Vocaroo today for a possible segment on PalmBreezeCAFE and thinking about the possibilities for it's use in the classroom. Once you record your audio, you can share the link, embed the sound file (see below) or download the file (.wav). I was able to create my Vocaroo without creating an account.

I wonder if you'd check it out too and tell me how you think Vocaroo might be useful in the classroom. But you have to tell me IN A VOCAROO. If you would like to contribute, please record your Vocaroo, then post your link in the comments here. I'll go to your URL, grab your embed code and post it here. Thanks for participating!

This first one is from me:

From MaryAnn Sansonetti:

From Mrs.McMahon

From Katie Morrow

From Jeff Richardson

From Cheryl Woolwine

From Dr. Alec Couros

From Pat Hensley

From Michelle Borgeois

From Jerry Green

From Celeste Hopkins

From Chris Fancher

From Anne Van Meter

From Flip

From Paula White

From Mark Carls

From Changing Connections

From Sheri

From John Evans


Mrs. McMahon said...

This is a great little application, thanks for sharing this, I can see so many uses for it in a Kindergarten program. I have recorded on below.
I enjoy your blog and follow you on twitter.

Katie Morrow said...


Anonymous said...

Here's my url. I LOVE it...and the fact that you don't have to sign up or give any info makes it a great tool for teachers and students. Thanks for sharing!

Alec Couros said...

Here is mine, thanks Lee!

loonyhiker said...

This was fun! Thanks for giving us a chance to play with it and seeing the results. http://vocaroo.com/?media=vVCe9XBzLmhMoVtHE

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lee. Here's my recording. In fact, I've already passed this find on to my foreign language teachers.


Jerry Green said...

Thanks Lee for this site! I can see a lot of applications in and out of the classroom. I agree that the fact that there is no account setup or login is an added bonus!

Jerry Green said...

Almost forgot to add my link :)


Celeste said...

Wow! I love this and my students will too! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Would you like some feed back from junior/senior high school students?

Anonymous said...

I've sent this out to our other teachers to see if anyone else has some ideas. I can see us using this often with our high school students since we do lots of projects and they sometimes need guidance while they are at home.

Lee Kolbert said...

These are awesome ideas, many of which I had not considered when I first stumbled on Vocaroo.

@Cathy, I'd love feedback from students themselves. Who better than to hear from?

Thank you everyone and keep 'em coming!

Anne Van Meter said...

Very cool and so incredibly simple


flip said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lee, Here's mine: http://vocaroo.com/?media=vssKrFOPEdQWDkUBJ

Thanks for sharing the cool tools you do!


Anonymous said...

ARGHH!!! Can't wait to try this but have to wait until I get home since IT IS BLOCKED at school! So, even when I tell you all the great things I would do with it I CAN'T do anything with it at school!!!! Very frustrating - it would be an awesome tool for my Spanish students to record their voice!

Anonymous said...

After coming home to shovel and thinking about you in Florida (my dad said it was 80 today) I was a little angry. This Vocaroo.com totally made up for it. Curious to see how it works, thanks again for blogging about this.

Lee Kolbert said...

As it turned out, when I tried to load the Vocaroos at the TV studio, they just wouldn't load. The site wasn't blocked but apparently a port wasn't open or something. So, I couldn't show Vocaroo. How disappointing because I was SO excited to not only show all the great ideas you all came up with but also, once again, the power of our PLN!!!

No harm done, I showed another site -Stixy- but Vocaroo is still a nice little app with lots of good uses and together we discovered some nice uses for it.

As @flip says, it's not going to replace a rich, graphic, linkable, clickable interface. No, it won't but it certainly can add to one.

RJ Stangherlin said...

Great tool. I'm out on a sick day today and was worried about the complexity of some instructions. With a two-hour late start, I had time to check my PLN and found your post. I made a Vocaroo and here is the link. http://vocaroo.com/?media=v1GfBy65bzxDWRV91
I embedded Vocaroo into my students' wikispaces home page so they would have the directions audibly too. Love that you keep supplying us with cool tools.

RJ Stangherlin said...

Second Vocaroo. http://vocaroo.com/?media=vALhhY9vaykZge7bY What a great way to keep instruction flowing when you're out of school.

RJ Stangherlin said...

Last Vocaroo.

Sheri said...

Public speaking made easy! Thanks for sharing, as you always do!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for sharing this great little application. Here's my Vocaroo - http://vocaroo.com/?media=vG2tvSTlNvh9J2YJH

It certainly does point out how many times a person can say "ah" in a shrot period of time. ;-) John

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Thanks Lee for this site! I can see a lot of applications in and out of the classroom. I agree that the fact that there is no account setup or login is an added bonus!

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