Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wacom Winner Announced!

One of my recent posts included a contest to give away a free Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet. The contest was run through A GeekyMomma's Facebook page and the entries were inspiring. Below is the text from the winning entry:

Cosmin Balan (69 votes)
"There are many reasons why i want a bamboo tablet. The main reason would be that i'm planning to start an artistic project for some very special kids. Of course it will be a struggle but any help is welcome. Plus, with such a versatile tablet my work will be done easier. Having my background I understand how technology is sometimes difficult to reach and how talent might be kept back by this impediment. Many of the kids who'll take part in the project have either disabilities or come from broken families and art and drawing has always been their getaway. As an artist I understand both the struggle and the commitment these kids have to their art. The best feeling in the world, when drawing, is that no matter how bad things are around you, no matter how bad you feel you can still create a world of your own, a paradise, a place where you can feel safe. As far as the project goes, it's steady on its way. We've done some collaboration with volunteers, and we've created special work-groups. The main reason and inspiration for this was a similar project named Comber. However given our country and town it might get difficult to acquire certain materials. I'm sure that with this tablet our work would be more pleasant and the kids will have greater opportunities of expressing themselves. To make a huge change, one must start little."
Congratulations to Cosmin Balan. Thank you to all those who participated.

If you are interested in how I ran this contest, I found and used this inexpensive FaceBook app service called . It was easy to set up, provided good analytics, and cost me less than $20.00 to run on my . It is the first time I used such a service and I'm still learning. 

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