Saturday, June 25, 2011

No ISTE Attendee Left Behind

If you're like me and unable to attend ISTE, EBC11 and TEDxPhilly this year, don't worry. There's still lots of learning to be had, if you don't mind spending some time in front of your computer. Here's some ways you can still participate in some of the excellent conversations going on in Philadelphia over the next few days:

  • Follow these hashtags on Twitter: #ISTE11, #EBC11, #TEDxPhiladelphiaEd and #TEDxPhillyEd (If you use Tweetdeck, it's a little easier to create columns and follow the streams well into the next few weeks as people continue to mull over their thoughts and the resources)
  • Watch a few presentations as they happen LIVE! 
    • TEDxPhilly is streaming live here: 
    • ISTE Unplugged:  for the schedule
    • Check out the and don't miss the energizing, head-spinning Web 2.0 Smackdown at 2:00 EST that will be streamed AND the keynote smackdown and 4:00 EST. Also, follow the Twitter streams because lots of the other sessions are frequently streamed informally and spontaneously. Watch for uStream URLs flowing through the Twitterverse.
  • Follow these folks on Twitter (to name just a few). They don't know it but will be your Learning Docents over the next few days:
    • (not attending, but don't let that fool you)
  • Most importantly, watch who the above folks interact with and follow those people, too. That's where the "network" part of "social network" comes into play.
Not attending, like me? Sure we lose out on seeing our virtual friends in person, and joining in on those valuable face to face conversations, and experiencing those presentations that won't be streamed, but here's my Top Ten reasons why attending virtually can be EVEN BETTER!

Top Ten Reasons Why Attending Virtually Can Be Even Better!

Photo Credit: Beth Still (Flickr:beth69358)
10. No blisters on your feet from excessive walking as a matter of fact, you can feel free to walk around in shoes much like  or do. 
9. No maps needed. You know exactly which room in your house to go to find your computer.
8. If someone chats with you and you're not interested, you can simply click the "unfollow" button. Try that in real life!
7. No long flights but feel free to sleep sitting up the night before anyway. 
6. No need to plan your meals around evening vendor presentations; however go ahead and make just a few cold sweet and sour meatballs and 2 chicken wings just for kicks.
5. No need to say Just no need.
4. No need to wear a nametag, unless you're like me and never home, in which case you may want to because it may help your family avoid embarrassment when addressing you.
3. By following the Twitter stream, you'll find a new addiction. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2. While your ISTE-attending friends may be golfing or attending baseball games (yes, you know who you are), you can be sure to share your 2-cents by leaving snarky comments when they post those photos online. This will ensure an invite for you next time.

And the NUMBER ONE REASON why attending from home can be EVEN BETTER:
1. Think of all the money you are saving. With the money you are NOT spending this year and a few dollars you can start putting aside every week now, you can start making plans to attend with me next year!



Awesome post! But...You missed some great folks that are attending ISTE11 that are true collaborators. I add @web20classroom,@kylepace,@mbteach and me @teachingwthsoul (attending virtually)#justsayin

Hope to see you next year in sunny SoCal San Diego, Cali. :)
Lisa Dabbs


I absolutely did miss some (actually MANY) great people and I thank you for adding more names. There's always that risk when you start listing some people. There's the option to list nobody, which then benefits noone or the other choice is to list a few who are on my mind at the moment and hope that someone like you will jump in and add to my brain-dump and the pool of resources. Hoping I've not offended anyone, I hope more folks will jump in and contribute here.
Thanks so much!


Love the post Lee... Makes me feel a tad better... but I have to admit.. I still would have loved the f2f interaction with some of these guys


Thank you for this brilliant posting! As a member of the ISTE Board of Directors lemmie just say ...Geeky Momma You Rock! We love all of our attendees both F2F, in RL, SL, and virtually, too!
~Gwyneth Jones
The Daring Librarian
@gwynethjones on the Twitters!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lee. This will be my 4th year of staying home and attending ISTE (formerly NECC) virtually. Last time I was there in person was Atlanta but am very much looking forward to San Diego next year since that is very near here. I will be checking out your resources and will see you online. I only wish it wasn't in Eastern time zone since I don't like having to wake up so early on the West coast to catch the morning session. ;-) Alan, AKA OCTechguy.


A great post. I follow each of those folks you (and Lisa) mentioned and I think you nailed it when you said to follow those who they are interacting with.

The beauty of this conference is there really are many ways of "being there" without physically being there.

I hope to be in San Diego next year, that's for sure.


Thanks Lee for an awesome post. I hoping that next year's ISTE will be my first. For this year, I'll be attending from right here on my sofa.

Look forward to seeing you again at FETC12.


Great post! Also, don't forget that those who can't attend ISTE in person can also attend virtually via Remote ISTE! You have 2 options: 1. attend via a group site or 2. attend virtually in your own home. Here is the link: