Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Web Is What You Make Of It

The web:

For some it's pure evil and the sarcastic comments slip out at every opportunity.
"I don't know how you have time for all of that."
"Why would you want to talk to people you don't know?"
"I have enough trouble keeping up with my regular job."
"I could never..."

And then there are those who get it and make it work for them.

Who are you?



Thanks for reminding me why I have you in my Reader. You made my day.


I agree with Gail. I wish I'd started something like that when my kids were little, but think how much fun I could have chronicling the teenage years . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those wondering how you find time and admiring your time-management skills. Let's see... keep track of two boys (3 counting your husband), cook, clean, manage ET, blog, keep up on the latest tech, go to meetings, hockey-mom, go out with friends, hours at the gym.... mathematically, it seems impossible for anyone but a superhuman... such as yourself.


I know there are people who say "How do you find the time" but my argument would be, how can we NOT find the time to keep up? Apart from staying current with what is happening in education, you also get the opportunity to meet some amazing people who will challenge and stretch your thinking. (Isn't that what we expect of the students we teach?)
I have learned more through connecting with people through blogs, Twitter and FB than I ever have through any 'planned' professional development. The bonus is also that it's a lot of fun to connect and share ideas with people from all round the world. The way we communicate is changing so much - therefore the rules do too. :-)
Looking forward to reading more great posts.

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Agreed. Technology is transforming our lives for better or for worse. There are moms so addicted to computer games that they forget their responsibilities or young kids spending all their times on social networks and gaming.

The importance is that we leverage technology for the better. Its helped connect us more than ever. And its recent things like educational games and social media's role in recent revolutions that gives me hope.


Nice. My sentiments, exactly.