Sunday, January 16, 2011

Announcing The Winner of The Infocus Interactive Projector

As many of you know, I recently ran a contest to give away a brand-new, full featured and very robust Infocus interactive projector.  I do want to say that choosing the winner was much harder than I thought it would be. All of the participants shared fantastic ideas that not only showed how they would use the projector but also how they'd incorporate the content from The comments that really stood out were the ones where the teachers shared project-based learning activities they would plan for/with their students and described how they and their students would also interact with the projector.

I simply couldn't make the decision myself. I reached out to a few of my friends for some conversation and I want to send huge thanks to my very good friend Sue H., whose expertise as a smart, creative, and loving classroom teacher made her a perfect judge for this contest. I also want to thank , producer for Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers (and quickly becoming a good friend of mine as well).

After much thought and discussion, I made the final decision. At this point, there is no doubt that Shannon Walters aka Shannonthelibrarian ( on Twitter) is well deserving and will soon have a brand new InFocus delivered to her door! The projector will provide Shannon with an easy and exciting way to build on the science lessons she shared in her comment at the post.

Congratulations Shannon!

Thank you to all who entered. Stay tuned for a special guest blog post from Tom Miller from . He may have something up his lab coat sleeve for my readers!



Wow! This is fabulous news! My 4th grade teachers and I are really excited! (The highlight of of our in-service today was announcing it). The timing is perfect, as we're scheduled to get started this week.

Truth to tell, we were excited to embark on this project without the projector, but with it will be even better. Many of the tools we need are freely available: audacity, moviemaker, CC images, but being able to share and interact with the tools and student work will make everything easier and more engaging.

Thanks for the opportunity and motivation to collaboratively plan this unit. Looking forward to sharing some student products at the end of it!


I am a former teacher. What a fabulous giveaway! Congrats to the winner. I am following you and look forward to future posts.