Sunday, October 11, 2009

TokBox on PalmBreezeCAFE

If you're ever looking for a slick, easy to use video conferencing program that's FREE, I highly recommend TokBox. With ToxBox, you can send video greeting cards and have videochats (with up to 20 people) and you can bring in tools to your videochats that I've not seen with other services. Here I am demonstrating TokBox. What are your thoughts?



Thanks Lee and Lee for this great overview of Tokbox. Just a few thoughts:
~ Classes in opposite time zones who want to collaborate would be able to use this to send messages back and forth
~ Quick professional development sessions with others
~ Classroom to classroom conferencing across my school district


Thanks, Diane!
You gave me a great idea. In our district we use Adobe Connect for video conferencing but it doesn't allow for sending video messages/greetings. We are involved with 2 of Dean Shareski's college students and this is a good idea for sending back and forth a few messages. Didn't even think of that. :)


Excellent, thanks Lee! I hadn't heard of Tokbox. I'm adding it to my wiki for videoconference collaboration tools, and will also include it in the chapter on synchronous tools I'm drafting for the "Powerful Ingredients" project. I'll give it a try soon!

Karli Wheeler said...

Thank you for posting this and other resources - I am going to recommend this to my friend David Gordon, who runs the non-profit Living Through Learning Foundation,, and provides classroom connections, virtual field trips and goal setting for students with chronic health conditions.