Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Winner Is...

In a recent , I offered an opportunity for anyone who was interested to win a free VoiceThread classroom account to blog about how they would use it in their classroom. Those who submitted all showed much interest, and very specific ideas, in how they would VoiceThread with their students. and so is the winner of the free classroom account. Congratulations, David!

In addition to David, there were blogposts by:
  • , who is now incorporating VoiceThread into her O.R.E.O projects.
  • , who wants to start using VT with his 2nd graders.
  • would use it with her 3rd year Italian students.
I'm looking forward to hearing all about the great projects that ensue.



I am so happy for David. He is a fabulous teacher and should come up with some great projects using VT.


Lee, thank you SO MUCH!
The lovely serendipity of the timing of your announcement is that I've been working on my first VoiceThread of the year this morning and was just wrapping up posting it to our wiki with Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard when I saw your tweet.
It's very exciting!


Congrats to David!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do!!!