Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Google Salad Bar

I know I should stop being amazed but I can't help it. I'm always surprised when I speak to teachers who only know Google as a search engine. It's almost like they've been at a salad bar and have only been eating the lettuce. Google has really done a lot to provide teachers with resources to make using their online tools specific for the classroom.

Here I am giving an overview of . Keep watching as Lee Keller explains PuzzleMaker.



Great Cafe once again. You look fantastic on the tube. What's up with all of the sites being blocked when you go to them? Won't they even let you guys go there :(


Thanks, Sue. There are some sites that seem to get caught in the filters because they are indexed as being something that is not allowed; even if the district really does allow it. That's a good reason to file an appeal when that happens; someone needs to be told and most of the time the site is unblocked (if it's legit).

Unfortunately, as you can see, it happens even to us. There's still value though because much of what we show can be used at home in planning for the classroom or just used for professional and personal learning development.


Lee and Lee,

Great show, enjoyed your interaction and overview of Google for educators. Keep up the great work.


Great job, once again! Can't wait till FETC!!
Your Biggest User and Fan!

Kim R. said...

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Your video was so helpful. I didn't know how many different ways Google can be used in the classroom.
Thanks for the tips!!