Thursday, January 08, 2009

1934 Teacher's Catalog

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I'm not planning on blogging every day with my newest 365Photo upload but this one made me do it. I was cleaning up my desk area in my house and as I was putting away a book, I noticed this one of my antique books. I have a small collection that includes a few original , a World Atlas with the , a book of manners from 1914, a 1943 , Girls Scout Handbook from 1933 and more. They really have no cash value but I collect them because I find it fascinating to read them and imagine life at that moment in time.

This particular book, The Teacher's Catalog (Paine Publishing, Co.) has all sorts of classroom supplies for sale. I thought you might find it as interesting as I do to see a few of the items for sale in 1933.

For 50 cents, you could buy "Posters to Cut, Color and Paste; for independent seat work" tested in grades 1-8!

For $2.00 per year, a magazine subscription to: "The Grade Teacher; for Grade or Rural School Teachers with special sections for Intermediate and Grammar and Ungraded Schools."

For 40 cents: "My Work Book in Early American History in Realistic Story Form"

Progress Books:"A new series of individual work and study books based on psychological research and survey of modern school demands. They conserve teacher energy, save pupils' time and public funds."


Not a single test for sale.

I wonder how all those kids grew up!



What, no tests? And the school continued to be funded. What a concept.

Nice find.


I'm glad you said you have a few antique books because I almost asked if you were given this when you started teaching! :)

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I love stuff like that! I've got a reading primer from the 1920s kicking around here somewhere and I keep a massive stack of vintage magazines at home and in my classroom for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, procrastinatory browsing.

Dan -- Wicked Decent Learning