Thursday, January 01, 2009

1000 Things That Matter

It's interesting to see what matters most to people if they are limited to say, 180 characters?

is a project by blogger, . He's creating a movie about the changing nature of technology and what matters to us most.
"We need your help. We're making a film and we need to know what matters to you. So, we've just launched and we're keen to get 1000 entries as fast as possible. Please spread the word :) We know you all have great ideas and lots to say... and we look forward to hearing your entries. Go on. What are you waiting for?"

As school begins again in the next few days, wouldn't this be a great project for students of all ages? If you prefer for your students not to contribute right on the site, you can always create your own similar project. This can be done on a educational microblogging site like , a , , or just on pieces of paper and hang them on a bulletin board in your room!



I posted my comment. Thanks for keeping m

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this out! I've managed to make #122!


Glad you stopped by! I hope they make it to 1000.

Anonymous said...

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