Sunday, January 04, 2015

Two Tips for Rebooting Your Self-Talk

This may be the beginning of a series of personal and very vulnerable posts. It is the beginning of a journey for me that will be difficult, but should have started years ago. Maybe together we can figure some things out together, or maybe this one isolated blogpost will hang alone on the tree branch of my online space; dangling and just waiting for enough wind to blow it onto the ground, where it will decompose, and then turn back into earth. 

Soon, there will be some big changes in my life that will be positive, but scary at the same time. 

I like the idea of sharing my journey online, but I make no promises on frequency, because the thought of committing to anything right now is too overwhelming. My #1 goal is to keep overwhelming things at bay. 

People tell me that they see me as confident, engaging, and smart. Some tell me they see me as attractive and funny. Often times, I don't take ownership of those things. (More on why in future posts. Maybe.) I know I need to remind myself often to step up, smile, engage, be confident, and be stronger. Mostly I need to remind myself to take deep breaths, because sometimes I find myself holding my breath. 

I know there are other women and men who feel the same way, and may be going through the same things. So, I offer two "tricks" I use that are easy and helpful. I hope you will add your own ideas in the comments, so we can help and support each other. 

  1. Let your password be a mantra for you. Every time you log in to a computer, device, network, email, and hundreds of other services every day, you have to repeat something in your head. Make that "something" work for you. Consider: "5tay_P0sitiv3" or "fear.nOth1ng" Go to and create a mantra AND a secure password at the same time.

  2. Download HotPaw Morse Code Ringtone Maker. You type in any word or phrase and it creates a ringtone or text tone in Morse Code. (Who knows Morse Code? Nobody, which is exactly the point. YOU WILL know what it says every time you get a text.) 
I hope to hear from you in the comments. Let's make it a happy new year.

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Kate said...

Love the password idea! From now on new passwords will be positive and joyful.
Thanks for sharing.

Akevy Greenblatt said...

Thank you for being so open and transparent. I think those are very important qualities. I like the password idea. I have recently joined Amanda Countryman Dykes on her #365success challenge. Post a success daily on twitter using that hashtag in just four days it has helped me tremendously
Thank you for sharing

Lisa Parisi said...

Way to go! I started a gratitude journal again. Hoping it helps me be more grateful. You are already in it!

d roman said...

It's great to see you take your seat, Lee. What a gift for all of us.

Unknown said...

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