Thursday, January 12, 2012

Facebook Explained

Sachi and Lee LeFever, from Common Craft, have released a new Explainer video about Social Networking. It is a welcome sequel to Common Craft's previous Social Networking in Plain English from 2008.

This new video (embedded below) explains social networking from the perspective of a user who discovers Facebook and finds a new level of enjoyment from friends with common interests.

The video teaches:
  • The ideas and features of social networking websites 
  • Basic privacy settings 
  • The role of status updates 
  • How to build a network 
  • How comments and likes enable communication

More Facebook resources for educators:

Disclosure Statement: Common Craft has provided me with a free membership to their premium service with the understanding of no obligation on my part. If and when I reference Common Craft in my posts, it is my personal choice with no benefit to me other than providing a valuable service to my readers within the context of my posts.


Anonymous said...

My name is Heather and I work for Worth Ave. Group. We’re currently holding a contest for K-12 teachers to win grants for their schools, and iPads or iPods for their classrooms. If you’re interested in participating, feel free to email me or visit the link I’ve posted below.
Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am currently in school to become a Second Grade Teacher. I think that Social Networking is such a fabulous tool that people of all ages can use to connect to the rest of the world. I have not only learned a lot from other people around me that I did not know before, but I've also learned a lot about the city I live in and things to do that I never would have had the oppurtunity to enjoy if it wasn't for Facebook. I can keep in touch with my best friend from middle school, my cousins that live 1200 miles away, and also friends that I have worked with at previous jobs that live across the country! I love how you have social networking explained here and I hope that I can teach the children in my classroom the importance of it as well. Here is a link to my blog :
and also the class blog:
In about 2 weeks, I will be posting a summary of the things I have read from your blog and commented on if you are interested.

Brian Crawford said...

Your links are interesting... I didn't realize that they made a Facebook for Educators Guide. I'll bet that a lot of that deals with privacy concerns. I will have to check it out.