Sunday, September 26, 2010

The IPEVO Document Camera at $69.00!!

On any normal day in my classroom, I'm using my computer, projector and document camera. My students are using my 2 computers in the classroom in addition to an older Mac and a Netbook that I also keep in the room. But honestly, on a daily basis, due to all the writing we do, and all the modeling I do with my students, I'd be lost without my document camera. For a few years now, our district has used and supported document cameras in upwards of $500 each. They also require splitters and changing the input constantly in order to get the image to project. If the light isn't just right, even with the added bulb, the projected image is grainy.

In full disclosure, I want to tell you that I often get offers to try out new products if I will do a write up on my blog in exchange. Most times I ignore the offers, sometimes I consider them, but this is the first time I agreed, after a few back and forth emails with me asking, "What's the catch?" Over the summer, Pauline Peng, a representative from IPEVO, Inc. offered me an IPEVO document camera for free to keep and try out. She asked me to provide her some feedback and blog about it if I liked it, but said she understood if I did not have time. Either way, she wanted me to try it out. This struck me as sincere. I also checked out the document camera online and it looked interesting.

After it arrived, it was ironic that my classroom document camera's lens broke. So, out came that IPEVO from it's very small box. I liked how the only connection was via USB to the computer and truly the best part was the clarity of the images. I zoomed onto my finger and you could see my fingerprints. The camera transmits directly to my computer, just like any USB camera; no splitters, no power cords, no changing inputs. If your computer is hooked to a projector, then so will your image be projected.

You can zoom and flip easily so the camera can be placed where ever is most comfortable for you. I love the auto-focus option that's perfect for moving objects. Great way to spotlight students in the class!

I can see this being perfect for science experiment demonstrations, any dangerous demonstrations or where supplies are limited. This really would be perfect for not only classrooms but conference presentations where you are traveling, need a document camera and have very limited space.

At $69.00, I would highly recommend these!
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Kylie Daemmrich said...

I read about this very camera over the summer on one of Kathy Schrock's blogs at My school had purchased a high-end, tons of features document camera for the middle school science program. However, I wanted something basic and easy for my fourth grade classroom. Based on her recommendation, I purchased my own for $69.00 with free shipping from and I couldn't be happier. I've used it as a document camera as we've corrected work in class and while I've read aloud to my students. It came in very handy when I tried to explain how to fold origami during math class. I've also taken pictures with this versatile tool. I'm looking forward to using it as a web-cam when we Skype with other classrooms. Good things do come in small boxes.

sue said...

I've seen this camera on Amazon. The reviews have been great on it. Only draw back was it didn't save video...with that said...I've never saved it on my Elmo. Sounds like a good investment.

Mr. Rease said...

Hi, I’m a student from Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class and I’ve been reading your blog. I was introduced to document cameras a little over a year ago. A professor in my technical communication class used it almost on daily basis. After observing her use the document camera, I wanted one for my own personal use but found out it was too costly. However, now that I’ve learned of the IPEVO for less than $100 from reading your post, I will defiantly purchase one in the near future. It’s an amazing tool to use and helps enhance the learning process for students.

paulinepeng said...

Hi, Lee:
Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate your time.

Hi, Kylie:
Thank you for choosing P2V. Please let me know if you have any suggestion or comment.

Hi, Sue:
For video recording, pls try it with Picasa. Please let me know if it works. ( my email is

Hi, Rease:
I am glad you are considering to get one. Please email me for the discount code. tks

Pauline @ IPEVO

Jerry Green said...

Thanks for the great review, Lee. I was wondering - how portable is this document camera? The Elmo isn't always the most mobile device ...

samelf said...

Hi All,

Has anyone compared this Document Camera to an ELMO in terms of quality? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

Many Thanks,

IMC Guy said...

Lee, can you connect this directly to the projector via USB and not use a computer?

Lee Kolbert said...

I've not tried that, but I think it requires software to work, much like a webcam. Perhaps Pauline can jump in here.

Unknown said...

Will this work with a program such as ActivInspire? I'm definitely interested in getting one, but I'd like to be able to use it in conjunction with my ActivBoard.

Tim Johnson said...

Wow! What an amazing price. I will have to check out this Document camera. Thanks for the review.

paulinepeng said...

Hi, Jerry:

The P2V itself is only 1.5 lb and can fit in this carrying case Please let me know if I answered your question.

Hi, Samelf:
Some teachers told me that Elmo is a great product with a lot of functions but they don't really need so many functions. P2V is affordable and portable and also the functionality are the reasons they choose it. FYI.

P2V is a usb document camera so you have to connect to your computer first.

Hi, Michelle
We never tried that software before, mind to send it to me then we can test it? my email is

Hi, Lee:
Thanks again :)

Hi, everyone
Please feel free to ask me any question. We have 5% discount for schools right now.

Thank you.

Pauline Peng
Account Manager

Jeff Yearout said...

I bought one out of my own pocket after seeing it here, and I LOVE IT! It does what I need a doc cam to do - show images and can snap pics with a single button if need be. The weakness of not having an on board light for some items was solved by buying a $5 booklight on a bendable gooseneck and clipping it to the stand.

Anonymous said...

i love the book light idea. I have one... came in the mail this week. I also got the carrying case. I love how small it is and how easy it is to transport.

I def. suggest getting one. There is also a $10 discount if you buy both the camera and the case :)


Joanne Finnegan said...

We have one of these in our district and are looking at buying more. The questions I have right now:
1) Is there a warranty on this? If so, how long and what does it cover? I know that sounds picky for the price, but, if we buy several it would be important.
2) How is the durability? Is there any data on how long they last with daily use in a K - 6 classroom?
3) Replacement bulb cost?
4) Is there still a discount for schools?

Thanks for information!

digitalbureau20 said...

Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further classroom document cameras too.