Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Your Teen Saying?

My last post about the Teen Chat Decoder generated some interesting discussion on Twitter from some folks who found it useful. Personally, I never knew what HAGS meant and now I know it simply means, "Have a great summer!"

That post also generated an interesting email from a marketing rep for a company that is selling a similar APP for the iPhone called "LRN the Lingo" (99 cents). I agreed to check it out for them and write a review here. "LRN the Lingo" appears to have every acronym possible and you can search in a variety of ways. I like that you can search by text or by lingo or emoticons. I found myself spending lots of time in the lingo section, fascinated by the phrases unknown to me and the multiple ways to hide the real words for drugs, sex and everything else you don't want to reveal.

I can see this app as being very helpful if you want to stay current on what's happening with your kids but don't want to keep asking them what they're talking about.

If your kids are your friends on FaceBook, you're best bet is probably to lie low and let them interact with their friends as naturally as possible without Mom or Dad posting comments on their pages. This will allow you to keep tabs on them while they most likely forget you're watching. This app can help you interpret some of what they and their friends are posting.



Gina Pace said...

Lee what a great APP to have. What will apple think of next? This is definitely a way to stay informed of what your children/students are talking about. The only thing is...what if you do not own an iPhone? Is there another way to "LRN the Lingo" Where exactly do they come up with these terms, it's as if teens have their own secret world. The joys of being born during the rapidly growing world of technology. Again, awesome app.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gina, this is a great app to have on you always in order to keep up with the insane terms kids are using these days. (By the way, it seems as if this app is on Twitter, which they update continuously with interesting news, etc.)
Like you said Lee, it is a useful tool for us to have to stealthy check up on what our kids are up to online. I learned so much going through it. I have to admit, embarassingly, that I always thought LOL meant 'lots of love" instead of "laughing out loud." They cannot hide behind their secret language forever.
Thanks Lee!

Lee Kolbert said...

I see "LRN the Lingo" also has a version for the iTouch. But it appears if you don't have one of those Apple devices then you're out of luck for this APP, but there are still websites that can help like Have you seen that site?

Gina Pace said...

Another Great excuse for me to invest in a Mac or an iPhone :)

Unknown said...
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The Cheeky Lit Teacher said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to have students write a creative piece where they must use as much lingo as possible. I have been thinking about this for awhile, and I plan to give them a limited amount of space to 'tell their story'. For example, they could retell a scene from Romeo and Juliet or write a letter/email to a character in a novel or short story.

Neha J said...

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