Sunday, April 25, 2010

Confession Time: I'm a Not Really a Geek

People think I'm geeky. I guess calling this blog, "GeekyMomma's Blog" perpetuates that perception. The truth is though, I'm one of those people who is geeky on one level (social networking and using apps, services and tools in the classroom for example) but definitely not on a technical level. I don't know (or really want to know) WHY things aren't working, I just want it all to work. Is that wrong?

Ask me where certain wires go or why the DVD isn't playing through the projector and I have no idea. Ask me to hook up your printer and computer to your wireless router and I'll be using the manual. I think if you want to rise to true Geek status, then (at the very least) you have to understand where the yellow and red wires go (the first time you try).

So, when I'm hanging around my UberGeeky friends from EdTech and other PLN members, I need to keep this website handy. Too bad there's no App for that!

Tech Support Excuse Generator

Next time I hear "The problem is intermittent, bidirectional comms," I'll still not know what the conversation is about but at least I can respond with, "must be a virtual, replicated parity destabilization issue."

I think....

Image credit: Flickr user Pragmagraphr


Ruth E Manlandro said...

We can't all be geeky in all things. It just means that you are specialized in your "geekyness". I don't know all of the social networking like you but rely on your posts to learn.

Rich@rcantrell said...

Lee, Geeky or not you deliver what educators need to improve instruction. The kids love it! Keep the manuel close by and keep on blogging, posting,and tweeting.

David Truss said...

I've been meaning to write a very similar post!
Here is my geeky survival flow chart...
that's my entire repitoire!

sue said...

The term geeky was use to define an "odd or peculiar person, some one who was overly obsessive." Actually came from the work freak. It has evolved over the years and no longer has a definitive meaning. So it is all in how YOU define "geeky."

Lee Kolbert said...

You're right, we can't be all things, and I'm ok with that. Believe me, I don't know all about social networking either, but I just do it a lot so maybe have a little more experience than some. Thanks for your comment.

Keeping the manual close is good advice. It's those things for which there are no manuals that are most important to understand.

@David Truss
I love that flowchart. I've not seen it but it is SO true! Thanks!

Geek or freak? Hmmm, sometimes you feel like a freak when you are the only person in the room who doing the geek-dance, right? Thanks for the encouragement.

Ryan C. said...

I am much the same way. People think that if you know how to use technology then you know how to set or fix everything up.

Wm Chamberlain said...

The biggest problem I have is that the other teachers forget I am more of a tool specialist (like you) than a hardware/software guy. I can do hardware and sometimes figure out software but that is not where my interest lies. Of course, I can't get them to learn the great tools we have if they can't do simple things like get online or print a page.

The word geek (which I don't mind) implies I am much more competent at parts of tech that I am not.

Karin Katherine said...

I feel the same way. There are so many things that I can do with PowerPoint, Social Media, my blog and our interactive whiteboard but when I need to talk to tech support---its all gibberish and nonsense.

Mrs. Robin Martin said...

There are two tech teachers in my school, me and JohnW. We both teach the same classes, but have expertise in completely different tech geekiness. I am much like you and JohnW is the wires and why guy. This may seem sexist, but I think it may be because of the way we are hard wired. I lean towards integration, use of apps, and curriculum writing. Our school is fortunate to have both of us to balance out the geekiness of it all. So relax about the why, and keep being an inspiration for teachers to integrate the new tools available.

Alicia said...

I think that its great that you are a specialized social networking "geek." I think defining geek is in the opinion of the person defining it. I consider myself a shoe "geek," I have friends who are sports "geeks," and others whom are computer "geeks" that can build build a computer from the ground up! I think we all have a little geek in us somewhere!

Amit said...

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