Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Katie Talks About Blogging on PalmBreezeCAFE

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Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Well, this wish came true for one of my students last week!

Katie G. won a guest appearance on PalmBreezeCAFE as part of our school carnival fund-raiser. It was a great pleasure having Katie on the set with me as my co-host for the segment below. She was the perfect on-air "talent." She arrived on time to have her make-up done (Thank you, Kay!) and was then whisked away for her personal tour of the studio (Thank you, Greg!). Not only did she get to host the segment with me, but also watch the other segments from inside the studio as well as, (and perhaps even more fun) from the control room where all the magic really happens.

So, what did we talk about on-air?

As our readers know, our class has been blogging, not only here at our class blog, but also over here at our kidblog site. The students are doing such a great job with their blogs. You can read their poems, essays, ideas and even some original plays they've written. They are also doing a wonderful job commenting on each other's posts.

For this reason, I was very excited to finally be able to share our kidblog site on PalmBreezeCAFE and who else to tell you about it, then one of my students herself?

Here Katie and I tell you all about it. Please leave a comment to let Katie know what you think of her debut. Also, if you are a teacher who is using Kidblog with your class, we'd love to read what your kids are writing, so please leave a comment with your URL.

You can see all PalmBreezeCAFE educational tech segments here on YouTube.

Thank you to everyone at TEN and PalmBreezeCAFE for making Katie and her mom feel so welcome. You guys totally ROCK!


Anonymous said...
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poulingail said...

Great job co-hosting Katie. You really know your stuff!
I use kidblog with my K class. The students are not ready for writing their own yet but are learning about developing a writer's voice and using complete sentences while addressing an audience of parents and classmates. I usually do the posting with the students although several parents have added a post here and there (which is cool!) I have set it up to be private and given the parents and administrators the passwords they need. That way, their earliest work with individual blogging is emotionally safe and rewarding.

Ryan said...


Very nice job, you seemed like a natural! Perhaps you've found a career path at such a young age.

Lee Kolbert said...

Thanks Gail and Ryan,
Katie did a great job and I'm so proud of her. I'm also so proud of the blogging my kids are doing. Gail, best of luck to you and your Kdg class as they begin their blogging endeavors.

Mark Barnes said...

Kudos to you and Katie. Blogging is such a wonderful way to get kids excited about their writing. Too often in school, we teachers are so focused on curriculum, standards and formulas that we forget the most important aspect of writing -- getting our students to love it.

You and your students have obviously overcome this shortcoming.

Lee Kolbert said...

Your comment inspired my latest post. :)

I want to encourage blogging for enjoyment. My kids keep asking me if they can keep their blogs next year and I don't know what to tell them. If there's not a teacher who will take them on, then the answer is no. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to handle them if they aren't my students. It's been on my mind a lot.

Thanks for commenting.