Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Sites/Apps For After The EggNog is Gone

As is typical during the holiday season, we start to look towards the new year with some goals towards getting into shape. I think it's not so much that we are out of shape, but that we indulged so much over the last few weeks, that we FEEL so out of shape. Back in June of this year, I blogged about having lost 24 lbs. Quite an accomplishment for me and very proud, I was happy to share how I did it. I am even happier to share that I've not only kept the weight off, but lost an additional 11 more (depending on the time of day I weigh myself - OK, only the girls reading this understood that comment). So, this year, I plan to keep up my routine of cardio and weight training. If anyone needs a personal bodyguard, I got you covered. :) Additionally, I watch what I eat. Literally, I'm aware of what I eat and I try to maintain a healthy balance over the course of a few days, not necessarily a single day. It's all about choices. I don't deny myself anything. A few times a week, I may eat dessert or something that might require a side of angioplasty. You gotta have wings and beer, I mean come on ...

So, below I've got some ideas on how you can reach your goals for a healthier you, too! In return, I hope you'll share your stories, successes and strategies as well. What's so great about today's technological age, is how much easier it is to do everything! Here's my list of some great fitness support apps/websites for the new year:

  1. KraftFoods - I showed this site on PalmBreezeCafe before the holidays but did not emphasize the healthy food area. There's exercise demonstrations, carb counters, BMI calculators, meal and fitness planner and more. I really like this site.
  2. My Medifast - you don't need to buy anything or even use their diet. The part I like about this site is the ability to track your diet and exercise. They have nutritional analysis for hundreds of (real) foods and you can enter your own. When I first started on my program, I started using Medifast. I did not stick with the food part (it's hard to get jazzed about powdered chili) but I stuck with the site for a very long time. It's a great way to get started.
  3. CaloriesPerHour - This site has calorie counters, calculators and tutorials. Try the Weight Loss calculator and be reasonable in your goals or you may see a warning that you will soon weigh NOTHING:

  4. Traineo - Traineo is a social network of fitness and diet. You join (free) and enter as much information as you like about your weight, diet and goals. You invite others who are "motivators" or friends. There are forums, messaging, hints and tips from other members and groups to form and join. I'd like to see this combined with a site like Kraftfoods where you can also get fitness and cooking advice.
  5. FatBet - I participated in a FatBet last year and it was quite fun. The organizer (ours was set up by Cindy Lane) sets up the time frame and people join. In our bet, all we needed was the link, but you can make it as private as you want. We set our own goals and nobody could see our actual weights. They could only see what percent of our goals we were hitting (or not). There are graphs and a message board. The idea being that you all agree on the wager and if you don't meet your goal, you have to pay up.
  6. 50MillionPoundChallenge - Lori Feldman (@lfeld52) started a Twitter weight loss group here called "TwittDown." Join the 50 Million Pound Challenge and join this group. You'll be able to see how you're all doing, and even compete with each other or against other teams. Every pound you lose contributes towards the total goal of 50 million pounds to be lost.

    iPhone Apps
  7. iPump: Has videos, images, and audio. You can program a personal exercise program. I've tried this one and I like it for those times when I'm traveling.
  8. 8h2o: An iPhone application that lets you know if you’ve consumed the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. I know math is not my strong point, and I was thinking that I can at least count to 8! But it is easy to forget to drink. Try this.
  9. iMapMyRun: This app works with your GPS to give you speed, distance, pace, running maps, training logs and more. They also have iMapMyRide for cycling workouts.
  10. Restaurant Nutrition: We eat out a lot and I like to know what's in my food. If you're like me then this app is for you.
I'd love to hear what your strategies are to reach your goals.

Best wishes to you for a HEALTHY new year!


Travels to California July 2009 said...

Great advice. Thank you. Plurk people also have a plurkdown at the million pound loss.
You look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I prefer using Fitnio over iMapMy. It is a lot easier to use and is really easy to read when running.

Check it out:

Lee Kolbert said...

@stacy and @Jenn,
I'll have to check those out. Thanks for your comments.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on keeping the weight off and losing even more. I've joined the Plurkdown to try and shed the pounds I put on over the holidays. I'll be looking at a few of your listed resources as well.

Cheryl Woolwine said...

Thanks Lee I will use some of these sites, to help me get going! You look great!

Anonymous said...

I use the LoseIt! app on the iphone and really like it. It's a food and exercise diary that I have with me all of the time. No excuses not to write it down!