Monday, December 22, 2008

Resolutions You Can Keep

If you are looking to make some New Year's Resolutions and TO KEEP THEM, then this website is for you. In a recent post, I told you about this site, Here is the segment I was planning at the time of that post. As with all of the PalmBreezeCAFE show segments, I hope you like them and learn something from them.

About Those Resolutions
I'm curious if people really still make resolutions any more. Do you? If so, do you use any strategies to help yourself stick to them? Please share.


JLWagner said...

I find that if I make resolutions, I break them. (usually before the ink has dried on the paper.)

But I like to make PLANS for the new year. Perhaps hopes and dreams?? Goals....but not resolutions.

Happy New Year, Lee!!


Lee Kolbert said...

I like that way that sounds so much better. Plans, hopes and dreams...

Rob LeFebvre said...

Let me know if you want a different music track coming into your segment. That butt-rock intro totally doesn't jive with the visuals. :)

loonyhiker said...

The word "resolution" really bogs me down so I say "hopes and dreams for the New Year. I know it is just a mind game I play but for me, it works. (I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you this time I was in WPB but we come down every year and I hope to meet you on one of our visits. I didn't want to bother you right at Xmas and we just got back from our cruises and we head back to SC on Saturday. See you next time!)

IMC Guy said...

Lee, is there a fuzzy caterpillar on your head? Happy New Year!!

No resolutions for me. I've learned long ago that I don't keep them anyway.