Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Year's Resolutions Tools

I'm doing some "research" for our next PalmBreezeCAFE show. My segment will be focused on New Year's resolutions so I thought it would be a great opportunity to show one of two online Web 2.0 sites.

Make a List with Your Friends
The first is an online list maker. A past segment, profiled, and I like it very much (I use it myself quite often) and I think it is more "out of beta" than this new one. The problem with TaDaList is it does not allow the one feature that I was looking for; I wanted a list site that allows me to open it up for others to edit AND with a single URL, anyone can edit it. (Like a wiki-list.) TaDaList will only allow others to edit if you invite via their email address.

And so, this new list site is To test it out and build up some data I put the link out to my Personal Learning Network (as I always do) on Twitter and Plurk to get some anonymous New Year's resolutions on the list. (My PLN to the rescue, once again!)

What are your thoughts about sharing the link with your friends, adding your resolutions and checking them off when you've accomplished them? Cheer each other on! How would you use this?

43 Things
This site, 43 Things, let's you create lists of things you want to accomplish. You can set reminders so that 43Things sends you an email at intervals (determined by you) to "see how you're doing." You can also network with others who have added the same goals and what they are doing to achieve them. Others can cheer you on and when you do reach your goals, you can-if you want-add an entry about how you did it. Others can learn from your experience as you can from theirs. Although you can remove items from your list, there's also an option to "give up" on a goal.

You can even add your 43 Things list as a widget on your blog. No sense leaving anything private in your life, right?

I think this is a great place to store your New Year's resolutions and not let yourself forget about them. Would you use a site like this?

Tasks? Tools? Too Many?
Which do you think is a better tool for New Year's resolutions? What do you use to keep track of promises you make to yourself?


Tim said...

I guess gets my vote only because is blocked at our school. Of course, once someone starts using the website a red flag will go up in Nashville that says, "Hey! Wait a minute! Someone is trying to collaborate online. Shut it down! Shut it down now!" Great post. I hope I can keep it working at school. I would love to use it for team agendas. :)

Anonymous said...

Good information about lists making. I don't use tadalist since it is so so simple. I will look into the other one though. I use for mine. But anyinput application has too much setup and may be too complex for many.