Friday, December 19, 2008

A First Grader's Lesson

What did you learn in school today?

6 Year Old:
  • I learned that we can do some work online that is much more fun than on paper.
  • I learned that I can talk to other students in other countries through a web page and we can learn from each other.
  • I learned that I don't mind spending hours, days or even weeks working on a single project this way because it makes perfect sense to me.
  • I learned that our parents have to sign permission for us kids to do all of these things online in schools and I'm OK with that. Thank you, by the way for signing those forms, because I really love what we're doing.
  • I learned that after all this work, learning and fun, that ONE person with authority can come in and make us take it all down for no other reason than unfounded fear.
  • I learned that the Internet must be a VERY SCARY PLACE!


Martha said...

Oh that is so sad and frustrating. When will this not be a fight we are always fighting to win and just common sense good teaching?

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Fortunately the curiosity that you spark and the excitement you generate can't be extinguished by the fear of another. Persevere!

Unique Ed Techie said...

Not that I can remember much from age 6 but I know I would despise that "one person with authority" who pulled the plug on my learning and having fun while doing it.

I know I didn't learn how to type until high school.

Kudos to those young students who will be the future leaders of open source everything. I can't wait until they start coming to school with a portable learning devices where the person of authority won't be able to pull the plug because they don't own the equipment, the end user, or their access to information.

Busy Mom said...

That's sad. It's a battle we fight with our seniors too! We can't access a free host site for that the kids can see their webpages (which they spend hours on) because it is "dangerous".

Anonymous said...

I'm going to end my chat on web literacy to our curriculum coordinators with that post. I hope it makes as much of a statement to them as you have to me.

Keep fighting the good fight and hang in there.

diane said...

I hate these scare tactics. By not educating our students, giving them guided practice, emphasizing responsible digital citizenship, we leave them truly vulnerable.

We shackle them at school, then send them off to unsupervised computers at home.

They deserve better.

Bob Cotter said...

This is downright sad... I'm fortunate that my direction to keep our internet policies to support open access with misuse being a 'teachable' moment continues to apply in our district. Sometimes it is hard to do and some teaching and reteaching of our staff and administration is required, but so far, so far...

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