Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finding Your Inner Elf

Is It Stressful?
It's not uncommon during the gift-giving season to find yourself exchanging gifts with many, MANY, many people. Certainly there's people from your family, but then there's teachers in your schools or perhaps you belong to a church group, sports team or a MahJongg group. (Hi Mom! How's the MahJongg coming?). Dare I even say, as I approach 50 (in 4 years, don't rush me), the Red Hat Society? And how "Scroogey" is it to decline your part? Downright embarrassing, but sometimes necessary. Even putting a price limit on gifts can still cause quite a bit of stress on participants when there are so many involved.

Find Your Inner Elf
If you haven't already considered organizing a Secret Santa Or Secret Hann-u-Claus or a Festivus For The Restivus exchange, now is the time. It's not too late.

Watch and Learn
I was first introduced to Elfster by good friend, Steve Dembo. He finds the best stuff online and as quickly as he finds this stuff, he's shared it with his friends (all 2,769 of them). I'm not going to explain Elfster any further because I know you are just DYING to watch this segment from the PalmBreeze CAFE where I explain how to set up your very own gift exchange and of course, I give credit to Steve for organizing probably the world's largest gift exchange ever with Educators world-wide.

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How do you handle gift-giving during the holidays?


Teach42 said...

Love it! You guys always do such a great job with these episodes. Very impressive.

Gotta get me a hat like that...

Mrs. Abernethy's Outdazzling Owls said...

This is Jan and I was Lee Kolbert's draw on the Twitter Elfster Exchange this year. I love the book she sent me My Brother Sam is Dead with teacher guide! What I really love, though, is finding a new friend in Lee. I am the newest big fan of Palm Breeze Cafe. Those ladies on The View have nothing on you ladies!