Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ever See a Moose On Your Way to School?

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Me neither but I felt like I was very close!

Today, I had the pleasure of video conferencing with a 5/6 grade class in Central Butte, Canada. Participating in the activity was (teacher) Barb Mcinnis (& her students), Tim Lauer (Portland, Oregon), Tom Barrett (Nottingham, England) and Dean Shareski (Moose Jaw, Canada).

This is direct from Mrs. Mcinnis' class blog:
The grade 5/6 students had the chance to meet people from different parts of the world thanks to wireless technology! On Tuesday, November 4 we participated in a web conference. We had the opportunity, thank you to Dean Shareski (division technology) to interview educators from Nottingham, England;Portland, OR; Florida; and Moose Jaw via a web cam. We were able to see and talk to these individuals. We first asked them questions to try and locate them, then we talked about the wireless technology that exists in their classrooms and schools. Wow! there are sure some great pieces of technology being used!!

This project came about from an article we had read called "Get Set For the Net". This article helped us understand how past inventions lead us to the wireless age we live in. Most of the students take this age for granted and do not realize the negative and positive effects it can have on our lives. We watched "Smart Guy:Stranger on the Net" to help us become more "Net" smart. Then we decided to do something positive and exciting with our wireless technology.

I'd like to commend Mrs. Mcinnis for her innovative vision as she seeks out relevant technologies to make learning for her students relevant. Wouldn't you love to be in her class? This is an easy and free activity that took less than 40 minutes and can easily be replicated in YOUR classroom. Where would you find another class to communicate with? Try ePals, for starters.

This is the edited version that Dean created (5 min):

This is the full conversation (40 min.):

Thank you, Dean, for asking me to participate. It was truly a pleasure to "meet" Tim, Tom, Mrs. Mcinnis and all of her students.

P.S. I hope my clues (about where I live) still have them stumped!!


Richard Byrne said...

I see a moose on the way to school at least once or twice every year. That's one of the nice things about living in western Maine.

Unknown said...

I am very impressed with the school and teacher for allowing this to take place. You are absolutely right I would love to be in Mrs. Mcinnis's class. If you don't mind could you describe for me how the overall interaction took place between the place. This just intrigues me, and as a future educator I would enjoy to hear more about this class. Thank you.