Friday, October 24, 2008

What's Blog-Worthy?

I just received this email from the senior editor at Cable In The Classroom Magazine.

Hi Lee --

I’ve interviewed you in the past so you may recognize my name.

I am putting together an article for the January issue of Cable in the Classroom Magazine called Best Blogs. We need your help!

Can you send me your list of must-read blogs, as well as what makes them must-reads? It might be a notable feature or aspect, or maybe the blogger is a genius... Most important, we’d love to know if you integrate the blog into any of your lessons.

Of course, I’ll include your blog as well!

Thank you!

--Ellen Ullman

I have some ideas on which blogs I'm going to recommend, but there are SO many out there I don't know about, or perhaps have not been paying close attention to. I also read SO MANY that I think are awesome that it makes it really hard to choose just a few. So, I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask.

Clearly, this is a collaborative job for me and my PLN.

Would you help me?

  1. In your comment, please leave a link to your blog (if you have one) AND a favorite of yours.
  2. Please also tell me what makes the blog a "must read."
I look forward to your comments. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

What an interesting use of the PLN.

TJ Shay said...

My blog is my blog is

I have many favorite blogs, but I really like to read Peter H. Reynolds' blog because it is filled with inspiration and beautiful pictures. Peter is the author of some of my favorite children's books "The Dot" and "Ish."

I also like Free Technology for Teachers
because it gives a free tech resource and also 'Applications for Education" which are interesting and explain how the resource could be used.

stoneTeacher said...

I'd like to share my friend Sue Waters' blog which is located at
Sue is a dynamic blogger, passionate about sharing and helping others.

Anonymous said...

I maintain a blog at

Anonymous said...

My blog focuses on the use of technology in teaching, and I try to focus on the teachers who feel a bit reluctant about using technology rather than the teachers who are techno-wizards.

One of my favorite blogs is from South Africa, by an ICT professional named Kobus Van Wyck:

CLong said...

My tech integration blog is and the blogs I read regularly are Free Technology for Teachers, Cool Cat Teacher, and Around the Corner by Michael Guhlin.

Kristin Hokanson said...

Wow Lee...
What great company you have me in~I am flattered and humbled!
I have to point out though that it is SO tough to point out "best blogs"...what does that mean best? I certainly have my top blogs written by administrators that I read to get the perspective of the educational leaders...Here is a favorite for getting quick educational tips , or my favorite must read librarians
Honestly with this many good blogs in every category how can you pick?

Will be following this conversation though as I already found 1 in your list that was not in my reader!

Suzanne D. said...

I am running out of room on my google page for all the ones I subscribe to. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Tom Barrett's he seems to know a lot about a lot.
Kepp up the great posts, Lee.
I maintain my blog at
This is a new endeavor for me so nothing to snazzy.

Unknown said...
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Lee Kolbert said...

Oops, that last one was me. I was still logged in to Google as K12Online. Gee, gotta be careful about that stuff. :)

Anyway, I wanted to thank those of you who responded (so far... I'm hoping for lots more). Not only are we helping to formulate the article, but we are expanding our PLN as well. I'm jotting down all of these blogs you are mentioning.

I agree with @Kristin. It is VERY difficult to choose. That's why I delegated to my PLN. :)

You guys are awesome! Thank you and keep 'em coming!

Tim said...

Lee, I think this is a terrific idea. I've already started looking at the blogs posted in previous comments. My personal blog is However, I'm writing to recommend Dan Meyer's blog at Dan is a young, energetic math teacher with great insights into kids and the classroom.

Anonymous said...

My blog can be found at I too have a blog roll listed on the right hand side of my site containing other interesting folks.

Anonymous said...

My blog is

I like Dangerously Irrelevant at It is provocative and practical. I also like Drape's Takes at Darren shines a light on issues and then asks the right questions. His use of photos is something that I appreciate as well.

K. Shelton said...

Lee this is great. My blog url is I try to update it with thought provoking posts every three weeks or so. As far as my favorite, I have many and I posted links to them in my blog mosh pit. Yours either is or will be put into the pit as well

Anonymous said...


I hesitate to post this as my blog is really too new to be considered for any list or to be included on anyone's blogroll yet. Check back in a few months to see if I've earned the right to be called a relevant, sustainable, subscribeable, some other adjectiveable blog worth reading. I'll throw down the link for reference.

I have been enjoying Dean Shareski's blog of late as well as Wes Fryer's. I'd say I'm enjoying yours as well, but that would just sound like I'm a cheap suckup. Uh, too late. I would surmise the fact that I'm here posting shows what I think of your work. Thanks for letting us share.

James Gill said...

I am not necessarily in the category of must read for blogs. I get ideas, do presentations, and go on rants and tangents. My blog is where I keep it all, like a kid who keeps a shoebox of "treasures."

Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee! Thanks so much for including me in your list. But, if you like MY blog (which is really more of a resource sharing site), you will LOVE Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day:

He also shares great resources, but finds many more than I do! Sometimes I find some first, but most of the time, it's the other way around!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lee,

One of my favorite bloggers is Dina Strasser---a middle grades language arts teacher in New York.

Dina's work wanders across many categories including classroom practice and pedagogy as well as philosophy and social justice.

She's provocative and funny---and worth everyone's read:

Rock right on,

Jim Beeghley said...


Teaching the Civil War with Technology:

Miguel Guhlin (@mGuhlin) said...

Howdy, thanks for the tag. My blog is Around the at

My favorite blog? It depends on what day of the week it is, what mood I'm in, but I subscribe to too many blogs to want to settle on one above others. I like the diversity, the juxtaposition of ideas in the stream of consciousness present in an RSS reader.

But if I had to pick one that makes me laugh consistently, it would be the Blue Skunk Blog:


Anonymous said...

My blog is certainly not a "must read" blog. It's just a place for my rambling thoughts. It can be found at I have an overflowing reader so it's difficult to pick one favorite! I will recommend A Second Grade Teachers Blog- because I have not found that many blogs written by elementary classroom teachers. This is a good example.

Lee Kolbert said...

I'm just now getting to these comments and Gosh, I'm overwhelmed with joy that so many of you have chosen to contribute. I've been carefully checking out all of your suggestions, including your blogs and, since I don't subscribe to the "purge and binge" RSS management theory, my RSS reader is about to explode. :)

Thank you for providing your link. You really provide awesome resources and do a great job of linking back to that which you reference. Liking it!

I already follow your blog, with good reason. Your creativity constantly amazes me. I also subscribe to Free Technology for Teachers. As a matter of fact, that's where I get some ideas for our PalmBreeze CAFE show.

Sue's blog is one of my most recommended blog whenever I do a staff development workshop. It's a great way to involve new bloggers and for not-so-new bloggers to freshen up their skills. Thanks for commenting.

Your post on using Moodle in your school (also in my state of Florida) is most interesting. I've always maintained that we should be saving $$$ by looking at open-source apps and yet those in IT who make the decisions about such are very opposed. For that reason we use BlackBoard. It's always interesting to me how different schools in the same state have different policies (and the sky doesn't fall). Thanks for visiting my blog.

I like your blog's concept on focusing on those who are hesitant to integrate technology. It's a real issue everywhere and I think many of us focus our blogs on "people like us." I need to collect more blogs like yours for staff develpment. Thanks!

I like your recommendation to use JOTT to keep your to-do list. I use DIAL2DO, the same way. I've used it to send txt msgs to others but sometimes, as you know, the transcription isn't always so accurate. If you caught Hall Davidson's JOTT on Twitter a few weeks back, you can see a perfect example. Hall was presenting to a group of administrators and demonstrating JOTT. One of his words was mis-transcribed as the "F" word. It was pretty funny, actually and he continues to showcase JOTT in his presentations. Very brave man, indeed! :)

Lee Kolbert said...

@mrs d
Love following your tweets and plurks as you have great ideas! Keep stretching my thinking. Thanks!

Liked your post on Twitter and Plurk. How helpful for new users to those apps to go through your journey as a new user. BTW, Plurk notifies me by email when someone new follows me. Can't find the setting right now, maybe they removed it. I also read Dan Myers blog and recently jumped in on his conversation about the ILC conference. Thanks for commenting, Tim. ;)

Hi @Dean
Thanks for the link to your blog. Nice posts! Checked out your blogroll too. Wha? Huh? I think you're missing one. LOL

Funny how we have the same taste in blogs. Thanks for commenting.

Thanks for linking your blog. Took a couple of your links, too.

Really like your post on back channeling:

You'll see in my comments that I totally screwed up in my response; calling you by the wrong name and commenting on the wrong post!

It's official; I'm a Airhead! ;)

Liked your tagline a lot about wanting to be the teacher everyone remembers. Note to self: steal this.
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Thanks for your recommendation. I'll be referring to that one, too. But if it's just the same to you, I'm still keeping yours at the top of my list. ;)

Lee Kolbert said...

You KNOW what a fan I am of you! Keep up the great work!

What a awesome concept to have a blog specific to a particular subject. I like it.

Thanks for your recommendation. If you like it, I'm going to like it. 'nuf said.

Spent a little time at your blog and beg to differ with your comments about you not being much a contributor lately. I think you contribute more than you realize. Thank you for contributing here.

Lee Kolbert said...

I now see where you can add email alerts in Plurk. Go to My Account and click on Privacy. It's the bottom choice.

loonyhiker said...

My blog is Successful Teaching at

A blog I like to read is Lucacept - intercepting the Web at

Richard Byrne said...

My blog is Free Technology for Teachers.
Thank you TJ Shay for the mention.

I enjoy reading Kevin Jarrett's blog

I also follow Larry Ferlazzo's blog.

Anonymous said...

Because I want to leave teaching and move to San Francisco, a favorite of mine is

I get the inside scoop, plus I get to see fabulous photos. But, that's not educational in the true sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your favorite blogs. I've learned about so many that I wish I could just spend all my time online reading them....

--Ellen Ullman
Senior Editor
Cable in the Classroom Magazine

ldaughrity said...

I know you saw my blog today, but I would love to continue growing my network and collaborating with many of you. My bog is at:

I thank you guys for checking it out and Lee for giving us the opportunity to share with each other like this!

Sarah L. Dailey said...

My blog is

I began my interest in local government funding and spending for education due to leaking roofs, students (1/3 of them at our elementary school) in trailers without running water or sprinkler systems, and old HVAC units that don't always work.
This blog was originally created to archive information, giving me a resource to access from anywhere anytime, and to create timelines.
Today is my blog's 1 year anniversary.
I hope to continue to make it easy for parents to follow the majority of local and state dollars not making it to the classroom or teachers.

Sarah L. Dailey said...

I would like to take a moment to thank you for leading me to drapestakes blog and to dangerously irrevelant. What a relief to see others pushing hard for reform. It really made my day, as well as gave me more great material to share with my community.