Friday, August 15, 2008

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Every now and then these things happen to me. Call me crazy or well, call me crazy. Just wondering if these things happen to you, too.

I don't know if these odd instances can even remotely be tied to paranormal phenomena but when they do occur, if I'm paying attention, they tend to make me wonder if there is something beyond just the obvious.

Do you ever have a random thought, totally out of the blue, say... of an image out of your past? For example, I may be engaged in a conversation (totally unrelated) when an image pops into my mind of the road near my house where I grew up.

Do you ever walk past something and think you see something, and look again and realize it was nothing. I've walked past my living room when the house is full of family and noticed, out of the corner of my eye, one of the cousins sitting on the couch. Turns out all the cousins were in another room. Who did I see on the couch?

Did you ever have a dream where you have a conversation with someone who has died? Maybe even someone who died, and you never even knew them (perhaps a great grandparent)?

I've often (very often) woken up in the middle of the night still talking to "someone," and it could take a few minutes for me to realize I was sleeping. (My husband loves this by the way... especially when he has to get up early the next morning!)

According to this Gallup Poll from 2005, nearly 32% of Americans believe in ghosts with nearly 75% percent believing in the paranormal. On Twitter today, I asked my friends if they believe in ghosts. I got lots of replies and only one said she doesn't believe. (One said she doesn't believe but she's afraid, so I think that means she believes :)

The idea of ghosts conjures images of Casper and Scrooge, but the idea of an "AfterLife" and loved ones and communication from the "other side," suddenly sounds so comforting. This book was a gift from a friend 16 years ago, when my husband and I had a daughter who was tragically stillborn at 40 wks. As her brief life still sits in a special place in my heart, the message from the book tells me that we'll not only be together again, but she is truly with me now. I'm such a "concrete" person, so its really tough for me to believe in something I can't replicate or touch. I sure want to believe it. The book was hugely comforting, even though I had trouble reconciling the fact that everyone mentioned in the book was able to communicate with their loved ones.

So, are those random thoughts really random? Or are they actually connected to something we're thinking about at the time, but not realizing it? Sort of like a pinball machine, that goes so fast that we can really only see where the ball launches and where it ends up, but all the ways it bounces around are too intricate and fast for us to follow?

I'd like to hear from you. Have you had unexplainable thoughts, visions or occurrences? How do you explain them? What do you believe?


Diana Kenney said...

Hey Lee!

I've been doing a lot of reading on the subject this summer- Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters and two others all about life after death...Very interesting.
My own father came to me after he died.

I really enjoy your variety of blog posts! They keep me thinking!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Diana Kenney

Lori Feldman said...

I think that there is some (unknown) reason why we suddenly think of people. A long time ago, after reading something similar, I decided I would try to contact the person or family of whom I thought of. It is amazing how many times their day is brightened beyond belief. Have even called on the anniversary of a person's passing.

Sarah Stewart said...

I do believe in ghosts and the experiences you are talking about although I also think the brain is an incredible thing that makes us think we 'see' ghosts or experience things when we haven't really.

I have never had any kind of experience like you have described. But then, I am so NOT sensitive that the headless man would have to be standing right in front of me before I realised what was going on.

But my daughter and my sister are quite psychic and have both had dealing with ghosts and entities or unusual experiences - what ever you want to call it.

loonyhiker said...

I do because we've lived with one for about twelve years. We disconnected the wiring to the door bell, and it still rang. I felt someone breathing near my ear and cheek when in bed. My husband woke up in the middle of the night once to see a green fog hanging over me. Furniture has been turned around. After my dad had a stroke in the winter, we came home after 2 months to find it turned the heat on for us up to 70 degrees. We have a burglar alarm so no one had been in the house. Our electric bill reflected that the heat had not been on while we were gone. It spooked some painters who we believe were going to steal some stuff from us (which we found out later). Feel it is friendly and even protective of us, so we aren't scared. These are just a few examples.

My mother and my older sister has come to be after they have died.

Kate T said...

Hi Lee -

My sister's house has a ghost that has been felt and seen. She (we think from the one sighting and behavior) loves beautiful jewelry and "borrows" things which she eventually returns (like my glasses - 9 months later).

In our family, most of the women have the corner of the eye visions, premonitions, urge to contact someone. We've always referred to it as being an "Irish witch" or a bit fey.

Good luck with the college delivery. Have a box of tissues with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Lee,

My name is Alexis Thexton and I am 9yrs. old and I do believe in ghosts.I like your blog and it got me thinking about the subject and I have a lot to say about friend SarahBeth invited me over not to long ago for a New Years party.We were sitting on her bed and we were spying on my friend MaryKate and her boyfriend Tanner.We were peeking through the bigger part of the window and the ghost sat down right in front of the window outside.We were scared but we had to see who it looked like so we ran outside and it floated away into the air.We had tried chasing after it but it was to fast.That night I stayed the night with her and we heard it walking down the stairs.We heard a plate rattle and shake.We stepped out of her room and we looked up the stairs , but we didn't see anything.I was walking up the stairs and I heard SarahBeth scream and the ghost was sitting on the couch turned around smiling at us.It looked like Sarahbeth's grandmother that died a few weeks before.

I hope you never have anything like that happen to you like it did me!
Alexis Thexton

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee, I do believe in ghosts.One time i was in my room sitting on my bed.Someone was knocking on my door.i was scared but i opened the door.When i opened it a ghost started choking me.I was fighting for him to get away but he wouldnt get off.I couldnt breat. Finally when my mom walked in he let go. I was in the hospital for a month. dont ever let that happen to u.

Maria Dawn

Claire Lahts said...
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G mama Roberts said...
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PoopSack 84 said...
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Naggie Saire Lonroe said...

hi lee,
Well my name is Naggie Saire. I feel like I should just kill my self because no one likes me. I feel like I should kill my self and become a ghost. I would love to be a ghost. to run free and wild. To spread my wings and be free. u know what I just said is really gay but whatever. well one time I was at my grandpas house. he ain't really my grandpa cuz I my own grand pa. Well he died then u saw him as a ghost. in really sad becuz my "friends " don't like. Me. I feel like they hate me but I do t care. well anyway good ye and sorry I got WAY of track. I have ADHD. well bye lee live Naggie Saire

Jada Horne said...

Dear Lee,

I do believe in ghosts... me & alexis spy on ghosts all the time. we once saw a ghost of a dog run across the feild... the dog , though, had died months b4. yes, very strange but also very true and i never ever want to experience anything like it again. It was scary and weird.
i hope this wont happen to you!!! =D

Jada Horne (Facebook Me!!)

Anonymous said...

i send you pleasnet greetings from afar.........pahahaha

brooklyn boeschen said...

Hi Lee!