Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The CandyMan Can... What Brings You back?

It started as a simple tweet this morning from Jen Wagner (whose tweets and blog posts always give me something to think about). I don't even know what she was referencing, which is sometimes the beauty of Twitter; being able to jump in and out of conversations and make them your own. Perfect for the ADHD in all of us. Anyway, she said "It's the simple things that make life so enjoyable" and I thought about how when we took our son to check in at his college this past weekend there was a bowl of candy sitting in the waiting room. Not just any candy, but possibly the cheapest, stupidest candy ever. They were DumDum Lollipops! 4 colors only that all taste the same and the candy part so small, no wonder our parents were worried we would choke!

Anyway, that made me smile and really brought me back to my youth. That was the candy you got when you deserved a reward at the dentist, hairdresser (huh?), swim instructor and when you got a shot (or worse, those 4 shots in your arm at once).

Immediately I wanted to know what candy brought other people back to their youth. So, I put out a Twitter and Plurk poll.

If you didn't jump in on the conversations, you missed a lot, but as usual, my dear readers I bring the conversation to you! :) Add your thoughts to the comments and let's hear how a simple mention of a certain candy brings back your childhood memories.

Our Favorites:
Some great points were made:

And then there were some confes

What brings you back to your youth?

will today's kids remember as the candy of their youth?


Anonymous said...

Honest to goodness.

Get wintergreen lifesavers --
go into a dark room -- (we actually did it at night at camp)
Put the lifesaver WAY in the back of your mouth and chomp down.
They would spark.


Mignon said...

I fondly remember those wax bottle with candy syrup, Cup-o-Gold, the Idaho Spud chocolate candy, and (sadly) candy cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

As an Aussie I loved nothing more than whiteknight bars, they were like chocolate covered. For kids I think that the candy of their youth will be time. I feel there is less time than ever for students and children to connect and it will be the candy of the youth

Lee Kolbert said...

If only Wintergreen didn't taste so much like Pepto Bismol...

I've never heard of Cup-o-Gold or Idaho Spud candy. No such thing as bad candy, though.

oh so sad... but you are right. It will be time AND those stupid big candy diamond rings! :)

Unknown said...

I have two for you: bottlecaps (coke and rootbeer were my favorites) and Good 'n Plenty! I can still remember the commercial...choo! choo!!

Mark Warner said...

Here's a link for the shrimps... I know it sounds weird, but they're really yummy!


Anonymous said...

You know what -- I am going to have to retrace my thoughts......

I do like bottlecaps too.

And for a while, there was a Willy Wonka candy....don't remember the name -- that were 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 peanut butter. I died for those.

And poprocks........OHMIGOSH....poprocks!!!

Jen Wagner

Lee Kolbert said...

Are those shrimp like those circus peanuts (that are nothing like peanuts)? Sort of like marshmallow but perhaps mummified? If so, I like those too. :)

PopRocks! Oh yes! Didn't MythBusters dispel a myth about those?

IMC Guy said...

Wow, can't believe I missed this one. I'm all for Slo-Pokes! Nothing like caramel on a stick!

Lee Kolbert said...

I love caramel and my dentist loves me loving caramel!

Mrs. Robin Martin said...

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