Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are There Any FUN Blogs Out There?

July is typically summer vacation for many so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a couple of non-educational blogs that I read. Sure, I learn from them, but they are not the pedagogical, constructivistical, toomanysyllableswhenfewerwoulddojustfine type blogs. If you are looking for those types of blogs, then you'll have to go here, here, here or here.

(Not for nothing, but... did you hover over those blue "links" hoping to see the URLs to some really fascinating blogs? Not today, my friends...I told you; we are taking a break!) Read on for some fun or interesting reading:

Flickr image by Mactastic

What non-edublogs do you read? Do tell!!


TJ Shay said...


Yes, there are some funny blogs and posts out there. Here are two of my favorites.

This blog post made me laugh until I cried:

Another blog that makes me laugh -- not today, so much, but dig a little

I will try to find more to keep the fun rolling!

Michelle said...

I love!

And is creative and often hilarious.

Michelle said...

I can't believe I forgot:

Hee-larious. I even have a "reason" somewhere in the archives. :-)

Cory Plough said...

Had to make a comment since you are calling out everyone, which means, obviously, you have to go to my blog and comment. Etiquette missy!

So anyway, nope I dont read any fun blogs. They are all serious because learning is totally serious. And yes, I did hover over the blank blue links. You stink! Trickery! Tomfoolery!

Are you really 45 or do you just put that so people take you more serious? Wait, that wasn't a very serious thing to say, that was probably a little inappropriate, after all this is an education blog :)

BTW, Dancing with the Stars is pathetic!

Chris Brogan said...

FUN blogs. Hmmm. I guess is fun/interesting. I think most of the blogs I read aren't exactly fun. Hmm... maybe I need more of those?

andrewcknoll said...

Those three come to mind. Great writing, witty, and FUN.

wsh1266 said...

I love Seth Godin's blog- always short and to the point; and I have to admit, I like the family blog I contribute to- GNM Parents as well!

Anonymous said...

The one blog that I read that I now need to never drink any liquid while reading or else it comes out of my nose from laughing is It's Not All Flowers and Sausages. Ms. Mimi has to be one of the all time teacher bloggers. The people that I connect with that read her always think there is someone in there school that is writing it.

Must read posts are:

Why Do I have to be an adult?

Excuses Excuses

A Toasty Story to Warm Your Heart?

I heart Ms. Mimi!

IMC Guy said...

Just what I need, more blogs to read!

Lee Kolbert said...

These are awesome. I've added them to my reader. We all need more fun in our lives!

Anonymous said...

One more that I just came across. I'm actually finding that it's as much informative as fun. For some reason I see myself a little poorer for having found the site.

Ben Grey

Mrs. Robin Martin said...

If you have not seen him at a conference, read Pogue's Posts at:

Mrs. Robin Martin said...

Try David Pogue at:

Anonymous said...

try may not be exactly what you may be looking for but it will sure get you thinkin and even share your opinion