Tuesday, June 03, 2008

iWaited For The iPhone

See? I CAN resist temptation!

When the iPhone came out last year, it took every bit of the power-shopping-diva in me to keep my credit cards from leaping out of my wallet all by themselves! And when my office buddy got one, I started to do the math on how much I could pay in cash, and how much on the credit card... you know, so the hubby would never figure out how much it really cost? But no, even then, I resisted. I managed to distract myself with chocolate or a new purse, new shoes or something else equally superficial. Who says I'm impulsive?

Ok, so now the talk has started up again and.... I.... can't.... ignore... it...!

I'm doing the happy dance!

If you've tried to purchase an iPhone in the last few weeks, you may have been met with futility. It's become increasingly difficult to get an iPhone, and that can mean only one thing: the long-rumored and longed-for 3G iPhone is around the corner and Apple is doing nothing to calm the rumor mill. YES!!!

Being the good gossip-girl that I am, here's what I've learned at the "water cooler:"

The new iPhone will have 3G data capabilities, finally making browser usable even when out of wifi range. The current EDGE-enabled iPhone lets you surf over the EDGE network, but it's slow. It will also likely have real GPS, not just the cell tower locater which doesn't work very well right now. This mean the map function should have accurate turn-by-turn directions which continue to track you as you move. The new model is likely to be very similar form-wise (no slide-out keyboard), but maybe a little bit lighter.

There have been rumors of multiple colors on the new iPhone, perhaps white, matt black, or red. I'll go for the white. The finger prints on the black already drive me crazy and I don't even have one yet. Currently the iPhone doesn't support video or MMS and it would be really nice if the new iPhone has those features and rumor has it that there may be a geo-coding function built into the iPhone's camera that will allow your pictures to be tagged with your location.

Flash support for Safari would be nice. It's pretty frustrating to go to a website and have it not load at all because it's entirely in Flash. It's not clear yet if it will be available, but if it is, I know of one person who will be very happy even if he doesn't get an iPhone. He just loves Flash that much!

What applications will be on the new iPhone? It seems that the OS will be the same, and there may or may not be additional applications, both by Apple, and by outside developers. Perhaps the ability to purchase more applications will be there?

Let's see what happens!

The new iPhone will be offically announced next Monday, at the Apple Developer Conference (WWDC). This seems almost assured but it's not clear if the iPhone will be available immediately, or at a later date.

This time, there's one with my name on it, Baby! Don't get in my way!


Anonymous said...

You should have got one - Edge is not half as bad as people make out, and for the rare time you cannot find a Wi Fi connection you can use compression services right Iphoneiquity (www.thesmespace.com/smeutils/iphoneiquity) that compress web pages, allow you to choose whether images are displayed and are formatted for the iPhone.

Lee Kolbert said...

Aw, now you tell me that? I've been eating chocolate for a year now!

Unknown said...

Oh - I would love to have one of those - green with envy.

Found you through Adoptic - hope it is ok to add you as a friend?

Lee Kolbert said...

Great! It will be interesting to see how Adoptic pans out. I think it's a good idea. How's it working for you?

Lee Ann Spillane said...

Oh, iPhone dreams... I'm right there with you!