Wednesday, June 25, 2008 and Diigo bookmark sharing at NECC2008

Cross-posted at on the NECC2008 Ning.

Are you attending NECC this year?

If you use and/or Diigo please post your username here and be sure to tag all the great links you collect at NECC with necc2008. We can then add each other to our / Diigo networks or just do a search for tag: necc2008!

Click here for a terrific "How To" on using! (Created byLuis Perez as part of his work in the FL Center for Instructional Technology.)

(Also, if you Twitter or SL, write your username on your namebadge!)

My name is TeachKidd
My Twitter name is TeachaKidd

If you are not attending NECC, this is a great way to benefit from the experiences of those attending. Search for necc2008 and enjoy the resources posted by your colleagues!

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Lee Ann Spillane said...

Thanks for the delicious info--I'll be virtually attending so surfing those tags is how I'll get there!