Sunday, May 18, 2008

Winners, Bloopers, All About Nothing!

I Love Bloopers!
Enjoy some fun Seinfeld bloopers below. But first...

The Winner Is...

Congratulations to Riptide Furse (Fred Delventhal ) for correctly answering (almost) all of the questions from my last blogpost on Seinfeld trivia!

Content and answers to my last blogpost came from story and Wikipedia.

  1. Teri Hatcher was in this 1993's episode called, The Implant, and they were "real and spectacular."
  2. Markiska Hargitay auditioned for the "Show Within The Show" as Elaine in this '93 episode, although Sandi Robbins played the role.
  3. Megan Mullally played George's girlfriend, Betsy, when he "double-dipped a chip."
  4. Jennifer Coolidge is the masseuse of the title who frustrates Jerry by refusing to give him a massage. George also falls for her because, "She just dislikes me so much ... It's irresistible."
  5. Courtney Cox posed as Jerry's wife so they could receive a dry-cleaning discount, only to discover that they weren't ready for the demands of a fake marriage. Still, they'd alwayshave pancakes.
  6. George made a trip with Jerry to appear on The Tonight Show and he ran into Corbin Bernsen there. George tells him his idea for the perfect L.A. Law episode, and Corbin Bernsen berates him on the air.
  7. A recovering substance abuser who refuses to apologize to George as part of his Alcoholics Anonymous ninth step. James Spader had refused to loan George a sweater because he said George would have stretched out the neck hole.
  8. The eccentric boss of Elaine. John O'Hurley often forced Elaine to do things by threatening to fire her if she didn't, such as going out with a deaf co-worker, seeing (and liking) The English Patient, and stop carrying Tic-Tacs because of the sound they made.
  9. Larry David played the voice of George's boss, the rambling, hard-nosed owner of the New York Yankees.
  10. Jerry Stiller was George's father. Inventor of the holiday, Fesitivus (For The Rest of Us).
Humor is a Funny Thing

It was fun to create the quiz and although there only a few comments here on the blog, I did receive a few thoughtful tweets from some interested folks with some comments about how Seinfeld touched their lives over the years. One in particular that became a running joke at a school years ago, and now brought back recently at a teacher's retirement party.

For Fun! Some Bloopers From Seinfeld!

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