Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogging For Memories

Back In The Day...
When my kids were born, we shot video and took pictures and if you were like me, you still have a lot of the rolls of film still laying around, undeveloped. I still have VCR tapes labeled "Jordan First Food" or "Josh Walking." Unfortunately, I have nothing to play them on and although I can find a VCR, hook it to a converter and create a digital copy, let's just say.... it hasn't happened yet.

To Share, You Had to Touch!
In addition, if I wanted to share my favorite moments with my kids' grandparents, they needed to be sitting next to me on my couch as we flipped through the scrapbook (which, by the way, stopped accumulating items when my oldest was 5 and my youngest was 2). They are now 18 and 15 and although I still accumulate the "stuff" I just don't glue it anywhere.

But Now...
Today's moms and dads have so many easy and free tools out there for them to share their children's world. There's Blogger, Flickr, BabyGrapevine, Albelli, Respectance, and StoryofmyLife, to name just a few.

My cousin, Nicole, created this blog for her son, Tanner, when he was born. She posts periodically and usually includes photos or some videos she "threw together" using iMovie. As a blogger, she's not concerned with traffic or comments or her Technorati ranking. Her readership is her family and friends and Tanner's little buddies.

Later on, it will be Tanner and his wife, kids and friends who will benefit from seeing his history played out, as a permanent record, on Blogger. What a nice gift his parents are building for him today!

I'm interested in how other young families are using Web 2.0 tools in their family circles. Do you have a story to share?

Even though you don't know Tanner, this video will make you smile! Check it out. Here's Tanner's progression towards taking his first steps.


Lee Ann Spillane said...

Though I'm a teacher, I blog for my family more than I do for my students/teachers at school. I link to other friends' personal blogs and it's how we keep up with each others' children though we may be far away.

I have to wonder about the longevity of blogger though... could it really be "forever" ?

Doug said...

Along with all of the other sites that you mentioned, we are also using google's picasa web albums to share our pictures with our family and friends.

We didn't think of starting a blog, but that is a great idea!

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson said...

HI Cousin Lee! Thanks for featuring my blog on your blog! It really is so cool that I'll be able to show my kids these memories - who knows what will be the means of memory saving then. OMG did I just say "my kids"? I'm happy you liked the video of my walk!
Lots of love,

Lee Kolbert said...
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Lee Kolbert said...

I find the more I blog, the more my blog tends to evolve and revolve. Sometimes I blog for my profession and sometimes for my family. Mostly, I think it's just for me. I say, just keep doing it! As for "forever?" Check out WayBackMachine and type in a website that you know has been around a long time. You can see snapshots from years ago, even though they've been deleted. I don't have the answers, but I sure don have lots of questions....

Thanks for mentioning Picasa. That's a great site and I totally forgot to mention it. Picasa also integrates well with a lot of other products on the web like the new free online Adobe Photoshop Express

Thanks for visiting my blog. Not only are you walking, but you are surfing the Internet, bloggin and commenting on other people's blogs! And you're only 1? What an amazing little man! Love Cousin Lee!

Dianne Krause said...

I also see the value in keeping an online record of my son's life. Even before he was born I started creating his website ( Now that there are a multitude of ways to share his life, I've moved on to for his online scrapbook -
There, I tell the world what Ben's been up to and have photo albums/ slideshows from Flickr. I also have a collection of widget games that I found on

I do it for both him and me, but mostly for him. I want him to have those websites to look back through in the same way I look back through photo albums and videotapes my parents made for me.

Sarah Stewart said...

I have been thinking that I want to back track with my blogging and put my kids last 20 years online so they can see their lives through my eyes. I started this the other day by recounting my son's birth story. Now I want to get all the old photos and videos and put them into a movie, but thats going to be a huge project. Something to do in my retirement , I think.

Lee Kolbert said...

I think an appropriate name for that blog would be "Blogging FROM Memories!" :)

Anonymous said...

I use my msn space to blog for my children and family. Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends.

I talk to other moms who like me have 'boxes' of cds full of family photos though. I do intend to get them printed ... eventually;)

Would love to see your listed at herblogdirectory :)