Friday, April 04, 2008

DENTwit: Newest Web 2.0 Mashup (revised name: Thanks Teryl!)

I blogged recently about my PLN (Personal Learning Network) which I, in my humble attempt to change the world, tried to change to CLN (Collaborative Learning Network) but due to the Power of the Masses, I was overruled because everyone still kept calling it their PLN. What's up guys, didn't you hear me? Ok, so I didn't win this one. There were some great comments though that got me thinking. Mostly that although my LN (Learning Network) is flexible, fluid and collaborative, ultimately it is up to me to take control in order for it to have meaning for me.

As you know, I'm really enjoying my Twitter experience. Some days are tweeter than others, but mostly I'm online and sharing some good information and making friends and contacts. I'm also a big fan of the DEN (Discovery Educator Network) and together, Twitter and the DEN have helped me expand my PLN enormously. As I gather my Twitter friends (I like to call them my TweetPeeps and that's not exactly catching on either) I'm constantly trying to figure out who is a member of the DEN. After exchanging tweets with @cnansen, he told me about how for his network of Apple Distinguished Educators, he created a list of ADEs who also Twitter. They compiled a list so they can be sure to follow each other. Note to self: Steal this!

So, today I created a form using Jotform. If you haven't tried Jotform yet, you don't know what you're missing! I use it for everything! Best of all, it's FREE! You fill out the fields (all drag and drop), send out the URL and people start submitting the form. Results can be mailed to you if you want, and they are stored on the Jotform server. You can choose to publish a dynamically updated spreadsheet (different URL to share). So, here's where it becomes very cool. As the network grows, people can check the online results. All the people in the network now have access to the same results and can follow the same TweetPeeps!

Here's the tweet I sent out!

Within moments, the form results started flooding my inbox (as of right now, we have 43 DEN Stars listed) and if you look at the form, you'll see that a note at the bottom asking to re-tweet the message. Sure enough, the word is spreading.

If you are a DEN member who also Twitters, here's the link to the form. To view the results, just click here. Information about becoming a DEN Star is also on the form.

Now, CLN though quite catchy, didn't catch on. TweetPeeps is widely me. Do you think DENTwit will be the one to make me a Rockstar?


Mrs.A said...

Thanks for putting out the tweet to gather Star DEN members who are on twitter. Also for sharing a use for jott forms. I will definitely add that to my cool tools to try out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great idea, Lee! I have to admit, though, sometimes I wonder if I really needed to add another 45 people to my follow list! At least I know they are all quality people, since they are in the DEN!

Lee Kolbert said...

I would agree about adding 45 people if they were random. I like to follow the conversations, not just those that include @teachakidd. So, following 1000+ people and only engaging through TweetScan, isn't for me. But, knowing in advance that I have something in common with all of the folks I'm adding from the DEN, is like buying a package of TweetPeeps with a guarantee! I'm enjoying the network! Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)