Thursday, April 17, 2008

Palm Breeze CAFE Does Good Stuff For Kids!

Kim Cavanaugh (co-worker of mine) recently blogged about the Palm Breeze Cafe project and how it has been (finally) recognized in a major educational journal. T.H.E. Journal has run an article that discusses the live component of their live, online and interactive staff development endeavor.

Lights, Camera, Professional Development discusses how we take shoot videos on software applications and educational technology news and then use that video via our Acrobat Connect Professional server to conduct live professional development with our teachers every Wednesday afternoon.

Our production sequence is fairly simple, but the power of these online tools allow us to extend the reach of our work far beyond broadcasting only on television. Once these shows are recorded we (and by "we", I mean my partner Lee Keller and the crew at our school district's TV production facility) convert the video to Flash Video so we can use it in our live meetings as well as post it onto YouTube for even wider viewing. As of this morning there are 91 (91!) videos posted at the Palm Breeze Cafe channel on YouTube for your viewing pleasure, covering software ranging from Adobe Flash to Google Earth to more educationally oriented products such as BrainPOP and netTrekker di.
I urge you to check out their YouTube channel and save it as a favorite. It's pretty impressive.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in as a guest on their show and was very impressed on how professionally it was all run. I was terribly nervous and Kim and Lee and the crew were all so supportive and warm that once we got started, they really couldn't shut me up. That particular show has me discussing how to use Airset to make group management more streamlined. Once that show airs, I will blog with the links. I've agreed to come back and do another segment or two on some hot topics, some cool Web 2.0 tools and maybe even do a regular segment on easy Web 2.0 tools that most teachers, in our district, may not be aware of. Any ideas?

Congratulations to Kim and Lee for not only the well-deserved recognition, but for also pushing the envelope and once again "doing good stuff for kids."

Below is one of the shows from Palm Breeze CAFE. This particular show is the one where Kim and Lee showcase our technology conference as the date was approaching.

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Thanks, Lee. The show would not have the name if it were not for you.