Monday, April 07, 2008

How Do You Do News?

I like to keep up on the news, but the way I do it varies. Most of the time, it's from the blare of the TV in the other room or the radio. I know that's like cheating. It's like the Cliff's Notes of news. But when I have more time, I will read some news sites on the Internet, listen to podcasts and read the newspaper, that is the paper-newspaper. You know, the one that leaves ink on your fingers. My favorite though, is to read the Sunday, New York Times (the paper version).
Well, this won't exactly leave ink on your fingers but, the New York Times now offers another way to read the news. They now offer Geo-coded news. Via Google Earth, you can read your news based on geography. When you launch Google Earth, make you sure you have Geographic Web turned on. I would recommend also turning off all of the other folders and layers. Then just click on one of the NY Times placemarks. And, according to the Google LatLong Blog, the layer is updated every 15 minutes. I think this is pretty cool and worthy of a look.

On another note, I find it interesting to learn how others get their news. Since it is so easy to avoid the ink, I often wonder how many people still turn the pages. I asked this question on the Ask 500 People website and the responses came in. It was fun to receive the responses, though not sure quite how scientific the "survey" actually is. If you click through this link, you can see the responses by country (click the results tab at the bottom) and if people left comments you can see those as well.

I'd like to hear from you. How do you get your news?


Anonymous said...

I've never been a big newspaper reader, although we subscribe to the Chicago Tribune. I only read parts of it on Sunday. I get a great deal of my news from Yahoo, since my family's email address is a Yahoo account. Everyday, I read at least a couple articles of news online, particularly if I come across an article that was referred by one of the blogs I read or through a social bookmarking site like delicious or clipmarks. I love to watch TV and although I'm not home alot, I really like the national news on CNN or the networks.

Ask500People is a cool site. I'll bet it was exciting to watch people all over the world respond to your question.

Anonymous said...

I used to get my news from regular newspaper, but now I get it from CNN,Google,Yahoo, the local network news site, or even the online version of the newspaper. I find that when I read the "hard copy" of the paper,I've already gotten that news from the Internet.I stopped watching TV news years ago and don't miss it. Too much sensationalism and anxiety for me.

My favorite newspaper to read is the Sunday New York Times-the full version you get if you live(d) in tri-state area. It's just not the same as the FL version we get here.