Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flickr Adds Video and I'm All Over It!

I've used Flickr for a few years now. I love how I can send my pics directly from my cellphone via MMS. I also use it as my backup for my photos. My parents, who live in Ocala, FL (4 hrs from here) visit my Flickr site and can see the pics of their grandkids and whatever else I decide to post.

Although my cellphone takes pretty good video (when I hold my hand still and the lighting is ok) I rarely use that function of my cellphone, mainly because of the effort it takes to connect via Bluetooth to my Mac and transfer the file (I'm so lazy, I know). Besides, the format is in 3gp and in order to share the file, I then have to convert it and send it to my parents, who then have to figure out how to open the file and then I'm doing tech support. Let's just say that it's easier to drive 4 hours to where they live and re-enact the moment for them.

Now, Flickr has added support for video. They are not trying to compete with YouTube and I commend them for that. 90 seconds is all that's permitted and you have to be a Pro-member to use this feature. For me, this is not going to be my site for posting podcasts or hosting edited videos with titles, transitions, effects, etc. It's just going to be a "captured the moment" and "here it is" sharing bucket.

So when Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock) sent out a tweet that Flickr added video support, I ran into my dining room with my cellphone and shot this video (good thing I was dressed!), uploaded it to Flickr via MMS and here it is. Hear Stevie Wonder singing... Isn't she lovely....

Is Flickr Video something you see yourself using? Do you use another photo/video sharing site? If so, which one and how do you use it?


laily said...

Do you have to pay to use flickr adds video or is it free, i am very new to this, still many things to learn and your blog is a very big help to me. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that using your mobile phone to take the videos is an excellent feature. My phone is only 2 megapixels so the qualities not that great. What is your phone? I would also be interested to know the size of your 90 sec videos taken using your phone (I love how I've bent their 90 second rule -- almost tempted to try uploading a 10 min compressed movie).

I hadn't realised that only pro members can upload -- but it's the best money I've ever spent.

Lee Kolbert said...
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Lee Kolbert said...

My phone is 1.5mb and the quality is not great, as you can see. My intention isn't it to take great quality clips though, but when I'm somewhere without a camera, it's nice to know I can still capture a moment. When I was in Chicago, we parked at a mall and there was a duck (or a large bird) nesting right next to the car. It was sitting on a bunch of eggs and the bird was quite calm. I couldn't resist taking a video of it. Click here to see the bird!