Monday, April 21, 2008

Come With Me As I Get Out of My Comfort Zone!

My last post praised my coworkers for the awesome work they do on our Palm Breeze CAFE professional development show. I also mentioned how I had the opportunity to sit in and present a special segment. As part of its format, the show plays on a local cable TV station on one day and it also runs on a special, interactive web-based show on another day. My day has come! Participants log in to the Adobe Connect session, using the link provided, as GUEST (using a real name and location is a really good thing) and can interact with the host (for the "Airset" segment, I'll be the host). I have not done this before, so if you choose to join us, and I hope you will, I know you'll be forgiving of my inexperience in this forum. This is definitely one of the items that have been out of my comfort zone and I've listed under "Avoid At All Cost!" I've wanted to do this, though, so I've pushed myself (with a lot of help from Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh ~ the regular hosts of the awesome show). I'm glad I've done it and mistakes and all, I'll do it again! Here's the info:

AirSet - A FREE Collaborative Tool : While free is always one of our favorite prices, you still have to have something of quality. Sometimes you want something that is unlike anything else out there ans has really cool features. Well, AirSet fits the bill as a powerfull collaborative tool that lets you work with multiple groups on projects or just communicate within a group. Our special guest is Lee Kolbert, a leader in educational technology and someone that finds the neatest things online.

At 3:00pm EST on 4/23, just click the AIRSET link below. See you there!

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