Thursday, February 07, 2008

Twitter Festivus for the Rest of Us

As you, my faithful readers, already know, I'm a big fan of Twitter. But for those Twitter-nostics out there, especially my "I Think, Therefore, I'm a Democrat" bumpersticker-yielding "who has time for yet another social networking app" dear friends, this is for you! If you love social conversations, if you love social conversations that are relevant (not necessarily about the milk in the coffee this morning turning thick), but perhaps about... dare I say it? P O L I T I C S ?

YOU, my dear are going to love this.

Built on the Twitter API, Politweets tracks the conversation going on between everyone in the “twitterverse” about the Presidential candidates and the primaries. When you visit the site you’ll notice the candidates stacked top to bottom in the middle of the screen, while the most recent public Tweets about Democratic candidates are to the left and the conversation about the Republicans to the right. How clever, huh???

The order of the candidates (in the middle) changes depending on how much each candidate is being talked about. In spite of the Hillary v. Obama and McCain v. Romney chatter, there’s no shortage of conversation about online hero to the people Ron Paul.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I am SOOOO glad you pointed that one out. Otherwise I might never have known this:

"Obama has some cute canvassers. McCain not so much."

W00t! That's some awesome political commentary.

OK, OK, just funning you there. I've logged so many hours in newsgroups and discussion lists I'm the last person who should be critical of this sort of interaction.

But I stand by what I said about the word "tweet"....


Lee Kolbert said...

Well then, what's your Twitter name???