Friday, February 01, 2008

My New Peep

According to Urban Dictionary, Teryl Magee qualifies as my new Peep! I’m not in the habit of announcing every time I make a new friend but, I started to play around with Twitter. To my delight, more and more of my Peeps from theDEN started following me and me them, and their friends, me and me their friends and so on…. try to keep up, ok?

Anyway, as FETC began to approach one of us (thank you, Danielle A., it was fun!), started to talk about hanging out an extra day to have a few laughs and perhaps humiliate each other at Howl At The Moon. I was IN! You don’t have to ask me twice. Then Tom was IN, then before you knew it, quite a few of us were inviting others and it turned into THE place to be on Friday night. Through our Tweets on Twitter, this was all organized and Danielle even was so kind to set up a Wiki for us to collaborate. At one point, Teryl sent out a Tweet that she needed a place to sleep on Friday night. I responded, we met at the first of many spectacular DEN events at FETC and the rest is history.

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techforschool said...

So I had to work while at FETC, like work on work stuff... so I missed the Howl at the Moon nights and I am so jealous.