Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Blog Post on Learning To Blog... Hmmmm

(cross blogged from my My DEN Crib blog)

If you're like me, you get questions from fellow teachers about blogging. They probably ask not so much what a blog is (oh no, that question would be way too embarrassing and would reveal oodles of cobwebs in their minds) but questions like:

Why would I want to blog? What is the cost? How do I do it? How safe is it? Who the heck has the time? etc.

Thanks to my Twitter feed, @smeech (that's Scott over there to the left) suggested this Atomic Learning series that is completely free (right now, that is) all on blogging. There are over 100 tutorials on blogging in this series. All in useful segments. Although there is no segment available to answer the last question on "Who the heck has the time?" Perhaps after some awareness, some skeptical teachers might find some time to give it a try.

Check it out!


SMeech said...

Thanks for the mention...

Time is always precious for us. The answer to this question in my opinion is to focus on following blogs first. The amount of learning that takes place is amazing. I find that my learning has become exponential. Once you jump on board, the problem becomes learning how to filter!

Anonymous said...

To your question on Twitter:
"Can a search engine REALLY only search Web 2.0 content? 03:54 PM March 21, 2008"

My answer is: probably Yes at 90%. We retrieve exclusively RSS content. ;-) So everything is not Web 2.0 but most of it is.
Have a nice day.