Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Proud Florida FCAT Moment

Another proud Florida FCAT moment! As if the effects of the FCAT have not done enough damage in the classroom, now in another effort to use the test to totally screw up our education system, we can now use it to take back our worst teachers, because well, they do produce kids with high test scores. So what if they are afraid the the classrooms, or are sleeping class or playing video games or mouthing off to each other or the teacher, right? I mean, really. What is REALLY important here?

Read here about a few teachers (and I'm assuming there might be just a tad more) who were fired due to poor teaching, including poor classroom management. In one case the teacher's supervisors noted he sometimes talked harshly to students and slammed his fist on a table to get their attention. His principal also worried that his students were spending too much time playing games and watching videos. In another, students were sleeping, being disrespectful and felt unsafe because they were assaulting each other.

And so, they now are being heralded back to the classroom (but first, humiliated in the news... can't wait to see the repercussions of this!).

So, what's the real lesson here, kids?

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