Sunday, January 20, 2008

Year 1999 AD

Interesting how this 1967 Philco-Ford commercial predicted technology would look in 1999. Correctly anticipated were the concepts of online shopping, online bill paying, email and electronic funds transfer. How typically 60's though, that the woman engages in the online shopping and child-rearing (she uses the closed-circuit camera to monitor her children as she neglects them while surfing online), and the man uses his advanced technology to pay the bills and taxes. Hmmmm, they don't show the part about him finding the online chat room, while his wife is in another room re-stringing her pearls. Ah, the 60's... who can remember them?

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Kim Cavanaugh said...

I like the way hubby shakes his head as he reviews the items his wife has selected online. "What!? ANOTHER pair of shoes?! How many pairs of shoes does that woman need anyway? Good Lord. Well, I better print out the summary to see if we'll have enough money for food this month."