Thursday, January 17, 2008

Me? They Really LIKE Me!

What a proud moment that I wanted to share with you first, my faithful readers.

I just received this email and will make contact very shortly. I will be sure to include you all in my acceptance speech. Thank you all for your support! The text of the email, although it does not include my name (mere oversight, I'm sure):

You've been selected as one of the 15 Recipients of five hundred thousand Great Britain Pounds by Ride Foundation. For further inquiry,please contact our Cash Grant Program coordinator,Name:Dr.Albert Faithfully Yours, Sandra O'Niel

The email goes on to say, " My life has changed. What about yours? Log on to the new Indiatimes Mail and Live out of the Inbox"


Kim Cavanaugh said...

It is an honor to know you.

May I borrow 25 thousand Great British Pounds?


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it? I'm one of the 15 too! Wow!