Friday, November 16, 2007

Way to Go, Palm Beach!!!

Well worth a blog "re-post." From Kim's BrainFrieze blog:
My buddy Lee Keller has been posting the Flash Video files of our weekly television show onto YouTube as you can see in clip below where we discuss Adobe Presenter and how we use this application for professional development and (most excitingly), how our teachers can use the program with their students.

This is part of our new project where we shoot a weekly studio television show in our school district's internal production facilities, then broadcast via both our internal network and on our county's public access cable service. Oh, and we also do a 30 minute live show using our Breeze (aka Acrobat Connect) server to broadcast the vids and discuss in the live chat what our teachers are seeing.

Thanks to Lee for uploading these from home as our district's firewall does not allow YouTube access. Still, we think it's a good idea to get the videos out on a searchable and indexed service for those who want to watch from home.

You can view all of the videos that are uploaded on the Palm Breeze Cafe home page on YouTube, and of course you can subscribe to the feed there as well so you'll never be without your weekly dose of two guys who get excited about educational technology, and tech stuff in general. Currently posted are discussions about Google Earth, BrainPOP, and doing online research.

Oh yes, the video:

Part 2 of the presentation runs through a brief demonstration of how Presenter is used to create online presentations.

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