Saturday, October 20, 2007

Real Time Traffic with Google Earth

I did not know this. Google Earth has a real-time traffic option. Take a look at these pictures. I chose George Washington Memorial Parkway, in Washington, DC. If you click on any of the dots, you can get a real-time traffic average speed. Green indicates ok, good or not-too-bad traffic (depending on how fast you like to drive, I suppose). Yellow is slow traffic and as you can imagine, red is avoid-this-area, especially if you suffer from RoadRage! I think this can be extremely useful, not only when planning your ride to work but also in the classroom when discussing geography, demographics and urban mobility. Also, with Google Earth, you can determine distance between multiple points. Would this be valuable in a math class, say for students to determine how long it would take them to drive from point A to point B? Wouldn't that type of lesson make those SAT questions about a train traveling at 85 mph arriving at the station at... you know the rest right? Well, honestly I don't. Maybe if I had a teacher who made math more relevant I would be a lot better at solving those problems.

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